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As far as putting lead downrange in a hurry, few shotguns can match the speed and reliability of this gun. This gun is a well-made high-quality firearm designed to run a synthetic stock that absorbs recoil as well. It is a natural gun to start upgrading with side saddles, flashlight mounts, and sling plates that are all available. This is one of the best models when it comes to combat shotguns.

It is the reason you will always get it being quite popular among many users who wish to get a top performance shot gun. First of all, the manufacturer did a good job when it comes to the overall design.

You are always going to like the way it looks and works. Since it looks and works great, you are always going to have a good time when it comes to using it starting today. Another thing you will love is the type of pump action you get with it.

It is not like it is a new invention in the world of combat shotguns, but it is definitely one of the best. It comes with the best performance to ensure that it always works great as you want. The pump action also good so that it can work two different types of ammo on the fly. Those who have tried it out can tell you that it is one of the best when it comes to the overall delivery of the shots.

You will also not have to change anything to keep the shotgun accommodating another load. You simply swap the load and start shooting. So, how is the reliability of this model? There is no doubt you are always going to have an easy time using it. It will remain shooting for a long time even if you get to use it more often. The good thing is that you can go through numerous rounds even before you have to do some maintenance.

There is no doubt it stands out as something great for many people. This model is one of the best on the market. One thing that stands out for it should be the pump action itself. The kind of pump action you get is one of the best to make the shotgun even more robust. It is also seen as one of the best combat shotguns you can get right now. Being a robust shotgun, it is less susceptible to the vagaries when using different shotgun ammunition types.

You are also going to like it for having a lower recoil as compared to the many other models on the market. The manipulation of the action is also seen as simpler. Well, it can also depend on the shooter and not the ammo. If you have experience using the shotguns, you should then have a good time when it comes to working with this one. The interesting thing is that this model has been in production for 70 years now.

Therefore, this shotgun has quite a following when it comes to having fanatics. Over the decades, the shotgun has evolved to be one of the best on the market. Those who have tried it always see the improvement from one model to another. Many shooters prefer this model for delivering on the best reliability and sturdiness.

First of all, it comes with a solid steel receiver. This means that it can live up to the various expectations that many people might have in mind. The steel construction is great keeping in mind that other models would have alloy receivers. Many will always love what the model offers in terms of versatility. You might also find it common with bird hunters. Just like most Mossbergs, this one also comes with some good features that makes it one of the best on the market.

First of all, you will get to like the controls that you get with the model. The location of the controls should make it even better when it comes to the overall operation of the model. As a result, even the newbies will have a good time when it comes to using it. When it comes to the changing of the barrel, you will find the process being simple. This is because the manufacturer explains the Shotgun in the manual.

You will definitely have an easy time when it comes to working on the process. You will simply have to pull the action down midway after unscrewing the magazine knob.

Just like that, you can now pull the barrel. Another thing you will like about this model should be the range time. It has a rubber pad to help keep the shooting something simple for you to enjoy. You never have to worry about using it even more often. You also get that the recoil is considerably less.

The model is also quite dependable. There is no doubt you will feel comfortable when using such a model. Since it can easily pass the test, it should then be something that you get for yourself today. For this category, you can choose the FN SLP shotgun as the best thanks to be quick enough for most people. It is also seen as reliable when it comes to using it as a home defense weapon. Another selling point for this shotgun should be its durability. You will also like the fact that it is highly dependable.

It will always work each time you have to use it. It is definitely more as compared to the other models on the list. The Mossberg A1 Mil-Spec gets to be the best pump action shotgun. It comes from a line of reliable firearms that you can enjoy using starting today. It is made to be corrosion resistant and also delvers on the best durability, which is something you can use.

You will also like it as comes with a reduced recoil level. When it comes to the best of the best, the Mossberg takes it all. This kind of shotgun checks all the boxes for being the best when it comes to owning a shotgun.

Its popularity also makes it one of the best models that you can get for yourself right now. You will definitely enjoy using it starting today thanks to its affordable price tag. The gauge model is often overshadowed by the popular gauge shotgun. That being said, it does not mean that the 20 gauge is not so good.

We get to check them out both just to understand what you get with the two. Starting with the gauge shotguns, you will always find that the ammunition is readily available. It will also come with more power. You can still be sure that this model will come with too much recoil, for this reason, it might not be liked by everyone.

The gauge model is also good when it comes to the large number of ammunition options and accessories on the market. As a result, the gauge model does not get a lot of love. You will also find that the gauge model is good for shooting different types of games. The same cannot be said for the gauge shotgun.

That being said, the gauge sometimes is just too powerful for nothing. It is then when you need the gauge model. It is not just the power that is less, but also the recoil.

As a result, it is going to be an easier gun to shoot more often. The gauge shotguns are often more compact than the gauge shotguns. They are often similar in price and range. You will always find that it is possible to fit more rounds in a gauge shotgun as compared to the similar size gauge shotgun. So, which one would be great when it comes to self defense?

In the world of self-defense, you will always find the gauge being highly respected and often chosen over the gauge model. Well, not all people accept that the gauge is the best. Some feel since the gauge is smaller, thinner, has less recoil, and also comes with more rounds should be chosen as the best. Another thing about the gauge shotgun is that it comes with a strong punch as compared to a handgun.

It should be good for self-defense. Well, you can always pick either the gauge or gauge models depending on preference since both are good for home defense. Shotguns are a type of firearm that uses a plastic shell to fire multiple projectiles a single time. People know shotguns for being able to use buckshot or birdshot not very effective for home defense. This is a huge benefit in situations where you are aiming at moving targets or multiple targets. A typical loading of 12ga 00 buckshot fires nine.

Imagine a nine-round burst out of the MP5 sub-machine gun. Then you can start to understand why the shotgun is such a lethal. It is a loved firearm in the hands of law enforcement and military units. You can have shotguns with pump action or semi-automatic functionalities. These two have certain advantages and disadvantages that make for very effective guns at close range. You also get the ability to also tailor ammo to the threat at hand with the shotgun.

This makes it one of the ultimate tools for defense inside a building. Especially, as a civilian shooter. Shotguns offer a ton of different benefits such as being simple to use, inexpensive to purchase, and extraordinarily lethal.

That is why shotguns have become a favorite of security minded homeowners. Tactical shotguns typically have the shortest barrel length possible, around Longer barrels are better for hunting, but are terrible for home defense. A long barrel gets hung up on doorways, closet spaces, and furniture. Other features like adjustable stocks, side saddles, ambidextrous safeties, and extended magazines help make the gun easier to use in a fight.

There are legendary companies on the market that make guns for elite military and law enforcement units. Tactical shotgun is one of the most storied weapons you will find in video games and movies. Appearing literally everywhere from Terminator to Jurassic Park. It is commonly linked to people wanting to kill things quickly for a very long time. Let us simply say that it is the best gun you can get for home defense effectively.

There are some distinct advantages when it comes to tactical shotguns. These are important considerations to keep in mind before you drop some cash on a tactical shotgun for home defense:. The combat shotguns are designed for the purpose of being offensive tools. You are likely to find them mostly with the military using them.

They will always have more power to make sure that the enemy can easily be subdued by the person who is holding the weapon. There is no doubt you will have a good time when it comes to owning one for yourself starting today.

These kind of shotguns comes with a shorter barrel. As a result of its name, you can find them mostly being used to disperse protestors, rioters, and revolutionaries. There is no doubt you will have an easy time when it comes to the overall use of the model when it comes to dealing with the various protesters.

For this type, they are shotguns that have their barrel shortened. Having the shortened barrel makes the shotgun easily maneuverable and also easier when it comes to using it at a short range. You will also find the model easy to conceal as compared to the standard shotguns. Well, it can be scary if a person pulls a concealed shotgun out of nowhere.

The coach gun is almost like the sawed-off shotguns with the exception of having an inch barrel and are also legal for civilian ownership in some jurisdictions.

They are common when it comes to hunting in a bush, scrub, and the marshland. This brand is known for making some of the best shotguns commonly used by the military, law enforcement and civilians all over the world. The most common shotgun the company has made is the Benelli M3 gauge. It is not just about making the shotguns as the manufacturer also makes some good rifles, pistols, and submachine guns. As you can see, there is always something for everyone.

This is a top brand when it comes to making firearms specializing in shotguns, rifles, scopes, and the firearm accessories. The company has been around for almost a century. All this time the company has managed to deliver on the needs of many people. You can always get a Mossberg shotgun or rifle in any other gun shop around the world. Thanks to its great contribution to the world of firearms, it always has an impressive reputation. This is one of the oldest operating companies in the world when it comes to making firearms.

It has been around for over years now. Not many other brands can live up to its history. As you can see, the company has been around long enough to know what its customers want.

It is the reason you always get this manufacturer delivering on the best performance you could use. As of now, the manufacturer operates in many countries worldwide. This is another old firearm manufacturer on the list. It is an American maker of firearms and fishing gear too. Well, if you like hunting and also fishing, this brand should have everything that you need.

The brand is known for offering a wide range of firearms including the shotguns, rifles, and pistols. Militants or insurgents may use shotguns in asymmetric engagementsas shotguns are commonly owned civilian weapons in many countries. Shotguns are also used for target shooting sports such as skeettrapand sporting clays. These involve clay disks known as clay pigeonsthrown in various ways by a dedicated launching device called a trap. Shotguns come in a wide variety of forms, from very small up to massive punt gunsand in nearly every type of firearm operating mechanism.

The common characteristics that make a shotgun unique center on the requirements of firing shot. These features are the features typical of a shotgun shellnamely a relatively short, wide cartridge, with straight walls, and operating at a relatively low pressure. Ammunition for shotguns is referred to in the US as shotgun shells, shotshells, or just shells when it is not likely to be confused with artillery shells.

The term cartridges is standard usage in the United Kingdom. The shot is usually fired from a smoothbore barrel; another configuration is the rifled slug barrelwhich fires more accurate solitary projectiles.

The typical use of a shotgun is against small and fast moving targets, often while in the air. The spreading of the shot allows the user to point the shotgun close to the target, rather than having to aim precisely as in the case of a single projectile.

The disadvantages of shot are limited range and limited penetration of the shot, which is why shotguns are used at short ranges, and typically against smaller targets.

Larger shot sizes, up to the extreme case of the single projectile slug load, result in increased penetration, but at the expense of fewer projectiles and lower probability of hitting the target. Aside from the most common use against small, fast moving targets, the shotgun has several advantages when used against still targets.

First, it has enormous stopping power at short range, more than nearly all handguns and many rifles. Though many believe the shotgun is a great firearm for inexperienced shooters, the truth is, at close range, the spread of shot is not very large at all, and competency in aiming is still required. A typical self-defense load of buckshot contains 8—27 large lead pellets, resulting in many wound tracks in the target. Also, unlike a fully jacketed rifle bullet, each pellet of shot is less likely to penetrate walls and hit bystanders though in the case of traditional Buck, overpenetration of soft and hard targets may be an issue [2].

On the other hand, the hit potential of a defensive shotgun is often overstated. The typical defensive shot is taken at very close ranges, at which the shot charge expands no more than a few centimeters. Balancing this is the fact that shot spreads further upon entering the target, and the multiple wound channels are far more likely to produce a disabling wound than a rifle or handgun.

Some of the most common uses of shotguns are the sports of skeet shootingtrap shootingand sporting clays. These involve shooting clay discs, also known as clay pigeons, thrown in by hand and by machine.

Both skeet and trap competitions are featured at the Olympic Games. The shotgun is popular for bird hunting called "game-shooting" in the UK, where "hunting" refers to hunting mammals with a pack of houndsit is also used for more general forms of hunting especially in semi-populated areas where the range of rifle bullets may pose a hazard. This is well within the range of the majority of kill shots by experienced hunters using shotguns.

At any reasonable range, shotgun slugs make effective lethal wounds due to their tremendous mass, reducing the length of time that an animal might suffer. For comparison, a common deer-hunting rifle round is a 7. Shotguns are often used with rifled barrels in locations where it is not lawful to hunt with a rifle. Typically, a sabot slug is used in these barrels for maximum accuracy and performance. Shotguns are often used to hunt whitetail deer in the thick brush and briers of the Southeastern and upper Midwestern United States, where, due to the dense cover, ranges tend to be close — 25m or less.

Sabot slugs are essentially very large hollow point bullets, and are streamlined for maximum spin and accuracy when shot through a rifled barrel. They have greater ranges than older Foster and Brenneke-type slugs. In the US and Canada, shotguns are widely used as a support weapon by police forces. One of the rationales for issuing shotguns is that, even without much training, an officer will probably be able to hit targets at close to intermediate range, due to the "spreading" effect of buckshot.

Shotguns are also used in roadblock situations, where police are blocking a highway to search cars for suspects. In the US, law enforcement agencies often use riot shotgunsespecially for crowd and riot control where Shotgun may be loaded with less-lethal rounds such as rubber bullets or bean bags. Shotguns are also often used as breaching devices to defeat locks. Shotguns are common weapons in military use, particularly for special purposes.

Shotguns are found aboard naval vessels for shipboard security, because the weapon is very effective at close range Shotgun a way of repelling enemy boarding parties. In a naval setting, stainless steel shotguns are often used, because regular steel is more prone to corrosion in the marine environment.

Shotguns are also used by military police units. Marines have used shotguns since their inception at the squad level, often in the hands of NCOswhile the U. Army often issued them to a squad's point man. Shotguns were also used in the Iraq Warbeing popular with soldiers in urban combat environments.

Some U. Shotguns are a popular means of home defense for many of the same reasons they are preferred for close-quarters tasks in law enforcement and the military. Compared to handguns, shotguns are heavier, larger, and not as maneuverable in close quarters which also presents a greater retention problembut do have these advantages:. The wide range of forms the shotgun can take leads to some significant differences between what is technically a shotgun and what is legally considered a shotgun.

A fairly broad attempt to define a shotgun is made in the United States Code 18 USCwhich defines the shotgun as "a weapon designed or redesigned, made or remade, and intended to be fired from the shoulder, and designed or redesigned and made or remade to use the energy of the explosive in a fixed shotgun shell to fire through a smooth bore either a number of ball shot or a single projectile for each single pull of the trigger.

A rifled slugwith finned rifling designed to enable the projectile to be safely fired through a choked barrel, is an example of a single projectile. Some shotguns have rifled barrels and are designed to be used with a "saboted" bullet, one which is typically encased in a two-piece plastic ring sabot designed to peel Shotgun after it exits the barrelleaving the bullet, now spinning after passing through the rifled barrel, to continue toward the target.

These shotguns, although they have rifled barrels, still use a shotgun-style shell instead of a rifle cartridge and may in fact still fire regular multipellet shotgun shells, but the rifling in the barrel will affect the shot pattern.

The use of a rifled barrel blurs the distinction between rifle and shotgun. Hunting laws may differentiate between smooth barreled and rifled barreled guns. Combat shotgun is a shotgun designed for offensive purposes, typically for the military. Riot shotgun has long been a synonym for a shotgun, especially a short-barrelled shotgun. During the 19th and early 20th century, these were used to disperse protesters, rioters and revolutionaries.

The wide spray of the shot ensured a large group would be hit, but the light shot would ensure more wounds than fatalities. When the ground was paved, police officers would often ricochet the shot off the ground, slowing down the shot and spreading pattern even further. To this day specialized police and defensive shotguns are called riot shotguns. The introduction of rubber bullets and bean bag rounds ended the practice of using shot for the most part, but riot shotguns are still used to fire a variety of less-lethal rounds for riot control.

A sawed-off shotgun or "sawn-off" refers to a shotgun whose barrel has been shortened, leaving it more maneuverable, easier to use at short range and more readily concealed. The sawed-off shotgun is sometimes known as a " lupara " in Italian a generic reference to the word " lupo " "wolf" in Southern Italy and Sicily.

Coach guns are also more commonly associated with the American Old West or Australian Colonial period, and often used for hunting in bush, scrub, or marshland where a longer barrel would be unwieldy or impractical.

Snake Charmer shotguns are commonly used by gardeners and farmers for pest control. They have short barrels and either a full-size stocks or pistol grips, depending on legislation in intended markets.

These weapons are typically single-shot break-action. They typically have a cylinder bore and sometimes are available in modified choke as well. Snake Charmers are popular for "home defense" purposes and as "survival" weapons. Other examples include a variety of. In the combination gun arrangement, a rimfire or centrefire rifle barrel is located beneath the barrel of a. Generally, there is one manually cocked external hammer and an external selection lever to select which caliber of cartridge to fire.

A notable example is the Springfield Armory M6 Scouta. Variants have been used by Israeli, Canadian, and American armed forces. Shotgun-rifle combination guns with two, three, and occasionally even four barrels are available from a number of makers, primarily European.

These provided flexibility, enabling the hunter to effectively shoot at flushing birds or more distant small mammals while only carrying one gun. Most early firearms, such as the blunderbussarquebusand musket had large diameter, smoothbore barrels, and could fire shot as well as solid balls.

A firearm intended for use in wing shooting of birds was known as a fowling piece. The Cyclopaedia defines a fowling piece as:. Shot was also used in warfare; the buck and ball loading, combining a musket ball with three or six buckshot, was used throughout the history of the smoothbore musket.

The first recorded use of the term shotgun was in in Kentucky. It was noted as part of the "frontier language of the West" by James Fenimore Cooper. With the adoption of smaller bores and rifled barrels, the shotgun began to emerge as a separate entity.

Shotguns have long been the preferred method for sport hunting of birds, and the largest shotguns, the punt gunswere used for commercial hunting. The double-barreled shotgun has changed little since the development of the boxlock action in Modern innovations such as interchangeable chokes and subgauge inserts make the double-barreled shotgun the shotgun of choice in skeettrap shootingand sporting claysas well as with Shotgun hunters.

As wing shooting has been a prestige sport, specialty gunsmiths such as Krieghoff or Perazzi have produced fancy double-barrel guns for wealthy European and American hunters. During its long history, the shotgun has been favored by bird hunters, guards, and law enforcement officials.

The shotgun has fallen in and out of favor with military forces several times in its long history. Shotguns and similar weapons are simpler than long-range rifles, and were developed earlier. The development of more accurate and deadlier long-range rifles minimized the usefulness of the shotgun on the open battlefields of European wars. But armies have "rediscovered" the shotgun for specialty uses many times.

During the 19th century, shotguns were mainly employed by cavalry units. Both sides of the American Civil War employed shotguns. Mounted units favored the shotgun for its moving target effectiveness, and devastating close-range firepower. The shotgun was also favored by citizen militias and similar groups. With the exception of cavalry units, the shotgun saw less and less use throughout the 19th century on the battlefield. As a defense weapon it remained popular with guards and lawmen, however, and the shotgun became one of many symbols of the American Old West.

Lawman Cody Lyons killed two men with a shotgun; his friend Doc Holliday 's only confirmed kill was with a shotgun. The weapon both these men used was the short-barreled version favored by private strongbox guards on stages and trains. These guards, called express messengers, became known as shotgun messengerssince they rode with the weapon loaded with buckshot for defense against bandits. Passenger carriages carrying a strongbox usually had at least one private guard armed with a shotgun riding in front of the coach, next to the driver.

This practice has survived in American slang ; the term "riding shotgun" is used for the passenger who sits in the front passenger seat. The shotgun was a popular weapon for personal protection in the American Old Westrequiring less skill on the part of the user than a revolver.

The origins of the hammerless shotgun are European but otherwise obscure. The earliest breechloading shotguns originated in France and Belgium in the early 19th century see also the history of the Pinfire and a number of them such as those by Robert and Chateauvillard from the s and s did not use hammers. In fact during these decades a wide variety of ingenious weapons, including rifles, adopted what is now often known as a 'needle-fire' method of igniting the charge, where a firing pin or a longer sharper needle provided the necessary impact.

The most widely used British hammerless needle-fire shotgun was the unusual hinged-chamber fixed-barrel breech-loader by Joseph Needham, produced from the s. By the s hammerless guns were increasingly used in Europe both in war and sport although hammer guns were still very much in the majority.

The first significant encroachment on hammer guns was a hammerless patent which could be used with a conventional side-lock. This was British gunmaker T Murcott's action nicknamed the 'mousetrap' on account of its loud snap action. However, the most successful hammerless innovation of the s was Anson and Deeley's boxlock patent of This simple but ingenious design only used four moving parts allowing the production of cheaper and reliable shotguns.

Daniel Myron LeFever is credited with the invention of the American hammerless shotgun. This gun was cocked with external cocking levers on the side of the breech. He went on to patent the first truly automatic hammerless shotgun in This gun automatically cocked itself when the breech was closed. He later developed the mechanism to automatically eject the shells when the breech was opened. One of the men most responsible for the modern development of the shotgun was prolific gun designer John Browning.

While working for Winchester FirearmsBrowning revolutionized shotgun design. InBrowning introduced the Model Lever Action Repeating Shotgunwhich loaded a fresh cartridge from its internal magazine by the operation of the action lever.

Before this time most shotguns were the ' break open ' type. This development was greatly overshadowed by two further innovations he introduced at the end of the 19th century. InBrowning produced the Model Pump Action Shotgun, introducing the now familiar pump action to the market. And inhe patented the Browning Auto-5America's first semi-automatic shotgun. The first semi-automatic shotgun in the world was patented in by the Clair brothers of France.

The decline in military use of shotguns reversed in World War I, Shotgun. American forces under General Pershing employed gauge pump action shotguns when they were deployed to the Western front in These shotguns were fitted with bayonets and a heat shield so the barrel could be gripped while the bayonet was deployed.

Shotguns fitted in this fashion became known as trench guns by the United States Army. Those without such modifications were known as riot guns. Due to the cramped conditions of trench warfarethe American shotguns were extremely effective. Germany even filed an official diplomatic protest against their use, alleging they violated the laws of warfare. The judge advocate general reviewed the protest, and it was rejected because the Germans protested use of lead shot which would have been illegal but military shot was plated.

This is the only occasion the legality of the shotgun's use in warfare has been questioned. During World War IIthe shotgun was not heavily used in the war in Europe by official military forces. However, the shotgun was a favorite weapon of Allied-supported partisanssuch as the French Resistance.

By contrast, in the Pacific theater, thick jungles and heavily fortified positions made the shotgun a favorite weapon of the United States Marines. Marines tended to use pump shotguns, since the pump action was less likely to jam in the humid and dirty conditions of the Pacific campaign. Similarly, the United States Navy used pump shotguns to guard ships when in port in Chinese harbors e. The United States Army Air Forces also used pump shotguns to guard bombers and other aircraft against saboteurs when parked on airbases across the Pacific and on the West Coast of the United States.

Pump and semi-automatic shotguns were used in marksmanship training, particularly for bomber gunners. The most common pump shotguns used for these duties were the 12 gauge Winchester Model 97 and Model The break-open action, single barrel shotgun was used by the British Home Guard and U. Since the end of World War II, the shotgun has remained a specialty weapon for modern armies. It has been deployed for specialized tasks where its strengths were put to particularly good use. It was used to defend machine gun emplacements during the Korean WarAmerican and French jungle patrols used shotguns during the Vietnam Warand shotguns saw extensive use as door breaching and close quarter weapons in the early stages of the Iraq Warand saw limited use in tank crews.

Nonetheless, shotguns are far less common in military use than rifles, carbines, submachineguns, or pistols. On the other hand, the shotgun has become a standard in law enforcement use. A variety of specialty less-lethal or non-lethal ammunitions, such as tear gas shells, bean bags, flares, explosive sonic stun rounds, and rubber projectiles, all packaged into 12 gauge shotgun shells, are produced specifically for the law enforcement market.

Recently, Taser International introduced a self-contained electronic weapon which is fired from a standard 12 gauge shotgun. The shotgun remains a standard firearm for hunting throughout the world for all sorts of game from birds and small game to large game such as deer. The versatility of the shotgun as a hunting weapon has steadily increased as slug rounds and more advanced rifled barrels have given shotguns longer range and higher killing power.

The shotgun has become a ubiquitous firearm in the hunting community. Action is the term for the operating mechanism of a gun.

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    Get great deals on shotguns at DICK'S Sporting Goods today. Shop shotguns for sale and find low prices on shotguns with our Best Price Guarantee. Browse online and buy shotguns in store at select DICK'S Sporting Goods locations.
  2. Shotguns excel in a variety of situations due to the wide array of shot and slugs at your disposal. Trophies for fowl to heavy game can stack up on your wall quickly with the right combo of shells and skill. Cheaper Than Dirt! has semi-auto, pump-action, over/under, and side-by-side shotguns .
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  7. The MODEL is a workhorse with a heart of steel. Starting with a receiver machined from an 81/2-pound billet of steel might not be the easiest way to build a shotgun, but the end result is well worth the extra effort. No other pump shotgun can match the Model .
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    Aug 28,  · A tactical shotgun is one of the most lethal weapons you can have. By far the most lethal within the confines of a home. Other guns aren’t as effective at close range. They also lack of performance and handling where the shotgun excels/5().
  9. With credentials hard-earned over decades of military and law enforcement use, the shotgun is the perfect choice for your personal and home defense needs ® Tactical Selected by the u.s. armed forces after passing the rigors of milspec qualification, the A1 is the duty weapon of choice for military and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

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