Patrick Hernandez, Jorge Ben - Someones Stepping On My Mushrooms (Vinyl) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

On the flip, DJOKO brings a smart shuffle and some shimmering synth work to the forefront for a seriously smart twist on the tech house template, while T.

Jacques opts for space age machine funk with a splash of boogie poured in for good measure. Bleu EP 12". This time round, the producer at the controls is Pandilla Ltd, an artist best known for unleashing 12"s full of tactile glitch-funk on his self-titled imprint.

The real killer here is opener 'Bleu', a gloriously jumpy, shoulder-swinging fusion of tightly snipped electric piano stabs, jazzy synth-bass, Akufen-esque drums, curious vocal samples and oddball percussion sounds. Dan Andrei provides the obligatory flipside remix, re-casting the track as a deep, low-slung chunk of analogue house haziness perfect for wonky late-night sessions and bleary-eyed after-party shuffling. Momentum EP 12". While the closure of clubs has meant she'll have to wait to continue her fine form behind the decks, she continues to offer up occasional EPs that mark her out as an artist to watch.

There's much to her admire on her latest outing. Lead cut 'Momentum' is sweaty and rave-ready, with much of the action centred on a mind-melting, effects-laden acid bassline, skippy but metallic drums and warped vocal samples. She cannily combines elements of deep house, techno and mids garage on 'Hypnotise', which is fittingly given a deeper and more squelchy re-boot by scene stalwart East End Dubs. Welcome To The Planet H 12".

Swiftness Romania. The Whop gram vinyl 12". RAZOM 12". Razom Germany. EEE hand-stamped 1-sided heavwyeight vinyl 12". What's on offer this time round is a heavily electronic tech-house groove - all Romanian style beats and bubbling, mind-altering synth notes - onto which is laid cut-up snippets from a famous old blues cut that's previously been sampled on a club cut to great effect. While the vocal does sit slightly awkwardly at times, there's no denying the heaviness or effectiveness of EEE's track.

In other words, it's another winner from tech-house's most shadowy crew. Botanic Minds Sunset Series limited gram vinyl 12". Botanic Minds. Barut is on hand with a remix for "TrackB", where trancey undercurrents meet with expansive piano and ethereal ambient swells, all strapped to a sturdy minimal house groove. House Music remixes 12".

Yoshitoshi US. Samsara 12". You'll find more of the same on this fine debut EP by new signing Soul of Void. A-side "Viha" sets the tone, with hazy male vocals, exotic south eastern European instrumentation and stirring stings rising above a tactile tech-house groove.

Title track "Samsara" explores similar sonic territory, albeit with chunkier grooves and more twinkling piano motifs, while "Ederlezei" is the kind of bright, breezy and sun-kissed concoction that would sound great blasting from speakers at a humid afternoon dance. Pressed For Time. Out of time and out of mind, the Plate just bring the kind of satisfaction to club music that could launch a thousand sessions.

For the late night crew, for the mid-morning rollers and the sophisticated toe-tappers in between, sink your ear-teeth into this generous serving but whatever you do, don't call it an album. It's an accomplished record, mining the vibe of ambient techno and channeling it into contemporary production with soul-stirring results.

RY feat AC. Move Dub limited 12". Berg Audio France. We are not entirely sure who the former is, but the latter stands for Another Channel, a producer from Ausburg in Southern Germany. The acronyms collaborate on the cavernous and glacial groove of 'Move Dub' that is balanced out by its emotive male and female vocals. It comes with two terrific reworks: Mosaic man man Steve O'Sullivan is in fine form as usual, taking the track down a warmer path with a more sensual feel, followed by Roman Poncet aka Traumer's perspective which injects the track with a groovy minimalist stomp.

Memories Profunda EP gram vinyl 12". Dualism gatefold 2xLP. DRG Series Romania. It's for this reason that Dualism, his first full-length excursion, is so hotly anticipated. So, does it hit the spot? Dragut is particularly good at crafting wonky, off-kilter tech-house and minimalistic techno tunes that are sparse and unusual, but also boast tons of percussive funk and swing.

These kinds of club-ready tunes form the DJ-friendly backbone of the album, with occasional deeper, darker or even stranger deviations see the creepy 'Paranormal' and squelchy, electro-fired melodiousness of 'Apus' providing welcome variety. As a result, it's a set you can listen to from start to finish, despite the dancefloor-focused nature of its construction.

HDZ 09 limited splattered vinyl 12". They deal in well regarded minimal sounds and pair up once more for the fifth EP on their own imprint. There's plenty to get excited about, too, with punchy acid house opening up before an IO Mulen remix sinks the track into more smooth and supple deep tech realms. House rarely gets as slippery and funky as 'Furbished' on the flip, while long time French house icon Djebali adds his usual jazzy depths to the remix.

Panick 09 12". Panick Panick! Sascha DIVE. Brother's Yard EP hand-stamped 12". Rhythm Cult Germany. Blind 12". Those Series Italy.

Dub Riddem 12". Hot Creations. Straight To The Source limited gram vinyl 12". It's a shuffling, funky workout with understated b-lines to suck you in and subtle splashes of reverb to shape out a heady atmosphere.

EEE hand-stamped 1-sided vinyl 12" 1 per customer. Although tech-house in style - note the glitchy electronic noises and spacey effects fixed to the beats - the track's infectious rhythm track was clearly influenced by the current electro revival. This added swing and shoulder-swinging looseness, coupled with the familiarity of the vocal elements, makes EEE03 a guaranteed peak-time winner.

EEE hand-stamped 1-sided heavyweight vinyl 12". This seventh instalment harks back to the charming deep jazzy house of their inaugural release - think of the legendary St. Germain and that should give you a fairly good idea. The track's smoky, late night jazz bar vibe is complemented by a rolling bass and swinging rhythms that should appeal to the likes of Rhadoo or Petre Inspirescu - legends of the Romanian scene who themselves have lent their deft hand to the French producer's work as remixers in the past, too.

That step to the left becomes more pronounced on this record, where Dokta gets to call on a wealth of live instrumentation to animate his sound. On "London Nights" he interweaves vocal, ambling keys and crooked basslines into a curious and utterly inspired cocktail of cool-headed pressure, which Jason Heath then simmers down to a purely instrumental refrain.

Burnski goes to the other extreme and beefs the track up for a firm and functional ride, while Ralph Lawson dubs the track out and gives it a low slung swagger. Ijzeren Rots hand-stamped 1-sided 12". Predictably, this third volume in the series sticks closely to the blueprint, wrapping twinkling electric piano motifs and a restless, looped bassline around a rhythm track rich in jazzy hi-hats, snappy drum machine snares and tough, locked-in kick-drums.

It's arguably closer to deep house than its predecessors, with the tactile and warming samples - lifted, it seems, from the late '60s West Coast rock record - helping to create a rolling, late night feel. The previous Digwah releases sold out quickly, so you'll have to act fast to secure a copy of this one. Everything That Unites Us 12". Amonita sets the tone via the soft-focus tech-house shuffle of "Lavender Bloom", where lilting strings, dreamy chords and eyes-closed female vocal samples flutter around a hypnotic groove, before RVNZ offers up the similarly breezy and spring-fresh bliss of "Big Red Machine".

Fortuna 12". Internasjonal Norway. A Sense Of Something Else 12". This time it's our great pleasure to welcome Tom Ellis into the Lyssna fold with this scintillating EP. Full of eerie soundscapes, hollow grooves and jazzy melodies that is sure to transport you to a place that fills you with a sense of something else. Unknown Credentials II 12". Unknown Credentials is a project of 5 tracks released on 2 single records. A sides on both parts are absolutely massive, acid lines and hypnotic chords peak time tracks that will shake any proper sound system with some serious bass extension!

B sides are deeper and have more modern, fresh electroish vibe that we love! Don't sleep!! Other People. The release begins with the ranging shuffle of "Al Chiaro Di Luna", a stripped down affair peppered with haunting flecks of jazz and a strung out late morning atmosphere. Label boss Ti Es then steps up with a remix of "Don't Stop" throwing down some tougher drum tones and working the reverb before the original version plunges down into an intimate space populated by natural grooves and strange sounds alike.

After years of honing his craft in the studio and playing in experimental bands, London born Slewis makes his mark on his debut with two equally bold dancefloor cuts. Group V opens with an extended twisting cacophony of synthesizers before breaking down into metallic driving machine funk.

On the flip, Despot delves deeper down the rabbit hole as EBM influenced sounds and syncopated claps dance around a bed of paranoia, leading to a tense breakdown populated by a flurry of spasmodic drums. Four Fleurs heavyweight vinyl 12" 1 per customer. Metereze Romania. It's a curious quirk then that his latest single features tracks not recorded last year, but rather way back in It shows a producer trying to take tech-house in interesting new directions whilst still maintaining the club-focused rhythms and late night hypnotism frequently associated with the style.

We're particularly enjoying the melancholic, funk-fuelled deep-tech eccentricity of "Haven" and the colourful melodies of the decidedly druggy "Noga", though lolloping and layered opener "Moonspa" may well be the best of an off-kilter bunch. Alex FONT. Third Stream 02 gram vinyl 12". Third Stream.

Around the steady, slender beat there's an immersive world of rippling textures and nagging tones that delight the mind, perfect for the dancefloor of any long-rolling underground party.

Top Prayer EP 12". Sintope Vinyl Series. QNQN heavyweight vinyl 12". QNQN Germany. Decay Made 7 12". Cascade 12". Visage LTD France. Roads EP 12". Moodfamily Belgium. WHO 06 12". Whoyostro Germany. PP 12". Peculiar Plants France. Resolute EP 12". Girls EP 12". Fungeda 7". Microwax Germany. YAR 12". R France. This first missive from YA. R Records, a multi-artist extravaganza featuring tracks from a mixture of new-ish names and established producers, certainly ticks that box.

Sweely provides a strong start via the bounding but funky beats, jaunty bass and boogie-style synth sounds of "It's Time To Play", before Aladdin opts for crunchier tech-house beats, bolder synth-bass and hazy female vocal samples on "Tonight". Stronger remixes 12". West Coast Revival 12". Winter EP 12" repress. Kompakt Germany. But when he does, he amazes everyone. Tuff Cut 09 12".

Originally released through the short lived TBot's All Nite House Party label, the track is given a timely reissue through Bianchetti's own Tuff Cut label in newly remastered form. Complementing this is a fresh take on the track from Sydney's Cassian. Fuse London. Phantasy Sound. It's a limber brew that channels a strong dose of analogue trickery through smart and snappy beat constructions, all bubbling, aquatic synths and troubled delays propelled by unfussy drum patterns so that the melodies can do the talking.

Primarily this is a dancefloor album, moving from peppy breakbeat driven numbers to gently bumping house, but always the playful, ineffably warm synth work sets the tone, from "Naive Response"s robotic charm to "Drone Logic"s soaring grind.

It's an album brimming in confidence and nailed with precision, and it's packed full of incredibly usable floor rockers to boot. Dusty Pink gram vinyl 12". Lazare Hoche France.

This four track EP is packed with bombs, from the shimmering, metallic deep house finery of "Running" to the cheeky acid wriggle of "Dusty Pink". Things take a darker, deeper turn on the fierce "Fixate," and then lift into fluttering after hours tones for the sublime and ever so slightly trippy "Lara's Dub".

Something Else 1-sided hand-stamped 12". Like that 12", Something Else is a single-sided, hand-stamped affair, with no information given about the identity of the producer or producers involved.

This cut retains the late night techno vibe of the original, but with percussion and whizzing electronic noises that recall classic tech-house from the likes of Swag, Rob Mello and David Duriez, rather than Berghain-friendly minimalism. Polar Nation EP 12". Shall Not Fade. Time Guard Archie Hamilton, Noha remixes gram vinyl 12". First up is Moscow Records' Archie Hamilton, who whips up a propulsive, bubbling techno roller laden with lush melodic content.

On the flip, regular Hamilton collaborator Noha serves up a twinkling, mysterious strutter that should sink under the skin nice and easy in the late morning sessions Lazare Hoche records are so well suited to. Using spooky off key synth licks and a steady ticking beat, Noha provides a worthwhile new twist on the original's vintage techno sound. Deter hand-stamped 1-sided 12". AC: Do you see that broken system changing anytime soon?

BK: My preferred choice of change is to tell stories about it and to try to get people to understand the problem in ways that are personal, moving, and compelling. Our criminal justice system is not what people think it is. BK: Well, he has become that, but I resist that as a word. Which is actu- ally not true. He was a unique individual, right? He had certain skills that not every- body has. Everybody has access to the kinds of tools that he had, and can do the kinds of things that he did.

He turned all of his talents, time, and energy to trying to fix the things that he thought were problems. And of course we can all do that. AC: Was there anything you came across during the course of making this documen- tary that came as a surprise? BK: Two things surprised me. The first was the number of things that he was involved with. We list them in the him. The other thing that surprised me was the amount of time he spent talking about the NSA and its overreach.

Aaron was talking about it a full year before it became public knowledge. Those of us in and around the hacker community knew that there was some- thing going on that was far beyond what we expected or was generally believed to be the case. He was incredibly articulate about it and very concerned about it early on. And he wrote about it and spoke out about it. SuiteAustin Hwy at Burnet Rd.

Nintendo, NASA, and lots of other folks will be supplying the fun and, of course, games. The adults might want to check out some of the panels, but the kids will likely stick to the pro-gaming tournaments, real-life Mario Karts, and other flashy bits. It's free; there's parking; it's everything SXSW can be without all the hassle. See website for details. Through March Ballet Austin, W. Wild About Music, 1 15 E. As pieces arrive, Arlo Alex Dobrenko and Julie Spillers become increasingly obsessed with constructing the puzzle and solving the mystery behind its sender.

The then Austin- based cast played a big part too. Once we realized who all the main characters would be, he introduced me to Ashley, and she was terrific. In it, Spillers plays Zoe, a character who suffers from unrequited love. Johnson and landed her a role in his release, Two Step.

Shortly after his arrival, she dies, and James learns that a recently released convict named Webb James Landry Hebert had been scamming her for money.

When Webb becomes desper- ate for more cash, things go south for James and others close to his late grandmother. Playing Amy was such a cool challenge. Everyone is trying to get on WB shows - doing far too many push-ups and pull-ups.

This consisten- cy extends beyond the fact that Amy and Julie both reside in Austin. And you have to find the humanity there. Austin Chronicle: For those unfamiliar with Stones Throw, how would you describe the sound of the label? Most of the artists I work with have a sense of humor, and I think it comes across in the music.

Was there a turning point when the music started reaching a broader audience? Now Mayer and Aloe are opening up for Bruno Mars. When I first started the label, there were no expectations; I just put out whatever I liked. Now I have a staff of 12 people that I have to answer to. AC: How did the documentary come about? They came to L. Every day they were with a different artist; it was really ambitious. We saw the footage, and it looked beautiful, very cinematic.

Some other guys from L. Can we look forward to any future Questlove or Kanye West collaborations? He really likes Gary Wilson. I think that would make sense for Stones Throw. Is that true? CM: Madlib once called me and said that Kanye came over to his studio and stayed until 5am. Chrome Canyon is a record I just put out that sounds like a lot of the records we were sampling from when we were making hip-hop. And Madlib always challenges himself with dif- ferent genres. He asked me to sing some vocals on it.

AC: Vinyl records have always been a big part of the culture at Stones Throw. CM: When I started the label, it came out of the turntablism movement.

When I started the label, there were records that would sell 50, units on vinyl alone. Maybe a younger per- son might have different expectations than me, but I was there in the Nineties when people were selling a lot of units and you could really make a living off of it. If you think about music up until the s, music was never record- ed to be sold.

There was music as far back as we know, but the record industry is only years old. And maybe music was never meant to be sold, just given for free. With ease. Harris is like a black Paul Revere, driving through the area the locals call Hardluck City, encouraging people to get their share of the settlement. Most live in rundown trailers, school buses, or boats festooned with Confederate flags and commiserate with Harris but, in the end, avoid the meeting.

Filmmaker Margaret Brown grew up in Mobile, Ala. An animated sequence in the film deftly illustrates this, using Deepwater Horizon as a centerpoint and splashing a rash of tiny red dots to indicate each platform - like a nasty case of Gulf measles. House subcommittee. One of them thought I was a spy from Transocean. In two surprising scenes, a roundtable of oil executives speak candidly, even giddily about the industry they have done well by - one they see as in a renaissance.

If they did, they would have never talked to me. We tried to talk to the majors, and no one would ever talk. Will you? I think we all have to come together, all of us hypocrites, and figure out a way to make this shit bet- ter.

Hundreds of places to choose from! But he just never brought it up. The introduction of Hand as his estranged father, a reluctant coun- try artist choked by his own failures and mis- takes, provided a new depth and hefty emotion- al substance to the film. But you put James there, and you have some compelling stuff going on, and you just want to know about him - where his energy comes from and what motivates him.

So the movie went in a different direction. The loneliness and his fear and the kind of weariness that he just brings along and the fact that he came to the public eye after so long but had been playing in public since he was, like, So much of that informed it, and it was just stuff that he had already said.

He has his own way of performing. Just go to AmplifyATX. It is entertainment in the form of violent video games, television, and movies. We attempt to beat it back through diet and exercise and quitting smoking once and for all we really mean it this time!

When a celebrity dies, we stalk TMZ, hitting refresh in hopes of seeing the footage of the body bag being wheeled out of the brownstone, and then we write long thinkpieces about what we lost when the entertainer in question shuffled off this mortal coil.

The reality of death is so removed from our daily experience that when a young person impulsively snaps a selfie with a cadaver while on a field trip to a medical school, it lays bare the fractured, dysfunctional way we deal with death. There exists, however, a growing docu- ment in our culture of ways that some of us are trying to take death on its terms, authentically and stripped of the veil of entertainment and taboo.

They start out by learning basic comfort care: adjusting pillows, providing water, and so on. Yet, as they settle into their roles as caregivers to the ailing, they learn the value of simply being there. One particularly striking scene depicts one of the young women sitting at a kitchen table, doing her homework in companion- able silence with a hospice resident reading the newspaper.

What language do I want to use at the end to describe my life? If you can start to look at your life in those terms, you can have an extraordinary experience. Marshall agrees. As the movie closes, one girl tearfully reflects on her experience in hospice class. But it was worth it to fall in love with those people. Streaming online at www. Everything subject to change. TBA's are in random order. James Polk, Jake Langley. Get the SXSWfm app and listen on the go!

Best Film deal in town! Two estranged brothers reunite to make an improbable run at a grand slam tennis tournament. The mismatched pair, with some unlikely help from a precocious year-old boy, re-discover their game and their brotherhood.

Simmons, Amy Smart. The birth of a modern American movement led by the famed civil rights leader and labor organizer. An expert on cults is hired by a mother and father to kidnap and deprogram their brainwashed daughter. An estranged son travels back home to confront his overbearing father to see if there is any relationship left between them.

Ina naive man is detained by Australian Federal Police with lethal narcotics hidden in his stomach. Caught, The Mule makes a desperate choice. Scr: William D. Instead he hits the road with his estranged grandson for one last adventure. A young man with mental health issues becomes intimate with a suicidal air hostess but his obsessive mother enlists a dysfunctional cop to separate them. A very lively woman with a very deadly cancer visits a national park with the intention of ending her life there.

Reluctantly, she is forced to turn to an unlikely source. A struggling, two-bit music manager will lose his job unless he signs a reclusive coun- try music singer, James Hand, who also happens to be his estranged father. Bill Scanlin loses his job and embarks on a life of crime. As Bill stays ahead of the law, he discovers that sometimes the only thing worse than getting caught is getting away with it. A fast-paced Texas thriller in which the lives of James, a directionless college dropout, and Webb, a career criminal with his back against the wall, violently collide.

One man risks his family and future when he rallies a group of landowners and activists to blockade the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline in rural East Texas. Abbie came of age in honky tonks, defying her life threatening disease, but all the while longing for an identity of her own. Now that she is 18, how much is she willing to sacrifice for her independence? This powerful film odyssey across America explores the sea change in national attitude from pride in big dams as engineering wonders to the growing awareness that our own future is bound to the life and health of our rivers.

The definitive zombie culture documentary, from the makers of The People vs. George Lucas. Doc of the Dead traces the rise and evolution of the zombie genre, its influence on pop culture, and investigates the possibility of an actual zombie outbreak. A former U. Navy Seal seeks life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness living life as a transgender woman. Today at the height of his career, he is faced with a new challenge. The incredible true story of a would-be writer, turned ac- Patrick Hernandez character-actor.

Paul, Minnesota. Wicker Kittens invites you to choose your fa- vorite team and watch them try to put the pieces back together. With Neil deGrasse Tyson. Kevin Pacalioglu may have no money and no clue, but he does have one thing-he can see dead people.

Jackson, Lucy DeVito. The Gecko Brothers are back. With D. During the rise of the PC era in the early s, an unlikely trio - a visionary, an engineer and a prodigy - take personal and profes- sional risks in the race to build a computer that will change the world as they know it. D: Juan Antonio Bayona. Frankenstein, Dorian Gray and iconic figures from the novel Dracula in a whole new light.

The new HBO series takes a comic look at the modern-day epicenter of the high-tech gold rush, where the people most qualified to succeed are the least capable of handling success. With Thomas Middleditch, T. A rich and vibrant com- edy - the story of Carl Casper Favreauwho loses his chef job and cooks up a food truck business in hopes of rees- tablishing his artistic promise.

At the same time, he tries to reconnect with his estranged family. With Nicolas Cage, Tye Sheridan. A riveting adventure centered on a secret government time traveling agency designed to prevent future killers and terrorists from committing their crimes.

Years after walking away from her past as a teenage private eye, Veronica Mars gets pulled back to her hometown, an ex-boyfriend with baggage, and an unraveling murder mystery.

The adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars; and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend. An idyllic summer afternoon becomes a terrifying nightmare for five young friends after they stumble upon the home of a depraved Texas clan.

A time capsule of teen life in the s, this long-lost documen- tary captures an unforgettable era through the eyes of those who lived it. A documentary portrait of the friendship between the renowned filmmakers James Benning and Richard Linklater.

With Doug Benson, Tim League. The classic that inspired the modern monster movie national re-release from Rialto Pictures in April. With Takashi Shimura, Akira Takarada. Narrated by cult teen star Fairuza Balk, this is a dizzying documentary journey into the mind, body and soul of the teen movie, as seen through the eyes of over modern coming-of-age classics. A week before they move across the country together, Craig lies to his girlfriend in order to go on his first road trip - to the south.

With Harry Lloyd, Krista Kosonen. Devil masks, metal, video games, Mountain Dew, and a Party Zone. Scheming slackers of the world unite and take over! When a videographer answers a Craigslist ad for a one-day job in a remote mountain town, he finds his client is not at all what he initially seems. With Mark Duplass, Patrick Brice. Due a tragedy, two sisters abruptly escape from their hometown in Northern Mexico.

Their journey creates a bittersweet relationship marked by pain, guilt and love. A independent autobiographical film written, produced and directed by Alejandro Jodorowosky. A poetically photographed and ren- dered documentary on tolerance and search for identity. Told through 5 vignettes portraying the lives of migrants on the island of Cyprus, it passionately weaves themes of displacement and belonging.

How does a 16 year-old evolve into a bank robber? A time travel comedy-romance about a man whose attempts to construct the perfect romantic weekend backfire when he traps his lover in an infinite loop.

A hard R-rated comedy that com- bines daring, shocking and downright stupid, hidden camera pranks on the public with a documentary-style narrative. A 21st Century Rear Window. Marking time as an itinerant plumber, and haunted by recurrent nightmares, Nash hungers for the fleeting ecstasies of nightclubs and bedrooms.

Other Months is a stark, honest portrait of discon- nection - a young man coming to face his paralysis. Imagine your mind has been wiped: memories, knowledge, experiences, language - every word you ever spoke, has vanished. If eventually you found the words, what would you say? On the most important day of his young life, a high school senior is forced to relive his failed attempt at losing his virginity over and over again, until he gets it right.

A modern epic set between rainforest and skyscrapers. Welcome to the future of the past. A West Virginia family faces illness, addic- tion, and gun violence - while their daughter makes a run for Little Miss West Virginia.

A restless teenager explores the wilder- ness of his city while struggling with the absence of his father. Yakona is the essence of a river, its memories and dreams, told from the perspective of the water running through it - a visual journey from prehistoric times to the modern era along what is now known as the San Marcos River.

One couple. One year apart. Two computers and 10, kilo- meters between them. Will love survive? With Natalia Tena, David Verdaguer. Jude and Bobbie are a young, homeless couple who masterfully con and steal in an attempt to stay one step ahead of their addiction. They are ultimately forced to face the reality of their situation when one of them is hospitalized. At the lowest point of his life, Richie gets a call from his estranged sister, asking him to look after his eleven-year old niece, Sophia, for a few hours.

A comedy about Allie and Harper and their needlessly difficult journey to the beach. Cody thinks his long- distance girlfriend is across the Atlantic Ocean. She might be a lot closer. With John Gallagher Jr. The journey of an imaginative teenage girl who runs away from home with an older boy, but not even unicorns can save her now.

A dark com- edy about rage, doubt, lust, madness, and other brotherly hand-me-downs. When their elderly neighbor suddenly drops dead, a young Brooklyn couple investigates signs of foul play. A profound, and profoundly moving, journey with a group of high school seniors working as trained hospice volunteers - a story of beginnings and endings in a year of self-discovery and awakening.

Evel Knievel of dance Elizabeth Streb and her Extreme Action Com- pany dare us to embrace fear in the pursuit of human flight. The 3D Printing revolution has begun. Who will make it? A fearless sea captain, Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, sails a ship through loopholes in international law, providing abortions on the high seas, and leaving in her wake a network of emboldened activists who trust women to handle abortion on their own terms. A cryptic phone call sets off a dangerous game of risks for Elliot, a down-on-his luck salesman.

The game promises increasing rewards for completing 13 tasks, each more sinister than the last. After horror favorites Inside and Livid, Maury and Bustillo pair up again for a horror-thriller at the cross roads between Stand By Me and Friday the 13th.

Five friends on a camping weekend in the remote woods of East Texas struggle to survive against a leg- endary beast that is stronger, smarter, and more terrifying than they would have ever believed exists. When a realtor is asked to sell a vacant home, she and her sister cross paths with its previous tenant: a teenage girl who sold her soul to the devil.

Young new- lyweds find their honeymoon spiraling mysteriously into chaos. When deadly attacks from the forests beset a secluded retirement community, it is up to a grizzled veteran to figure what the residents are hiding. Now, as adults, they reunite to expose and destroy the supernatural entity responsible: the Lasser Glass - a legendary mirror their parents owned. The story of a snobby musical theater camp ter- rorized by a bloodthirsty masked killer who despises musical theatre.

Scream meets Glee in this genre-bending R-rated horror- musical. In the city of dreams, a desperate actress will Jorge Ben - Someones Stepping On My Mushrooms (Vinyl) whatever it takes for the role of a lifetime A nerve-rattling tale of a kidnapped child and the distraught parents left behind that captures the dark- ness that ensues when panic breeds suspicion and love turns to hate.

The failed story of a love triangle in a post-apocalyptic world. In a remote Scottish town, a young man is the lone survivor of a strange fishing accident that claimed the lives of 5 men. Spurred on by sea-going folklore, the village blames him for this tragedy, making him an outcast amongst his own people. Combining animation with documentary storytelling. Using a s Presto recorder, artists get one take to cut a 78rpm record anywhere, finding in that adventure a new connection to our shared cultural legacy.

Two men. Two quests. Two centuries apart. Four ways to experi- ence the search for a lost tribe. A comedic rock-and-roll road movie about struggling Seattle rock band, Tennis Pro, who decide to sell their tour-van and head to Tokyo for one last shot at acceptance.

With David Drury, Philip A. An inspirational story that explores the early days of soul music in South Florida, the pioneers of that era and their lasting contributions to the broader American musical landscape. Only two guitars. One decision. An indie musical from Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian about two girls and a boy and the music they made one Glasgow summer. A rare look at the electronic scene, amazing live footage and the psychological drama of 3 guys who walked away from everything to save their friendship.

A feature-length documen- tary about avant-garde Los Angeles-based record label Stones Throw Records. In the macho world of Ma- riachi music, very few women can hold their own. The film builds to a climax and weaves its way towards an all-star live performance led by Stephen Bruton and his piece band.

With Joseph Bearor, Denice Lee. A film about the soul of American music. The documentary follows the recording of a new album with legends from Memphis and the celebrated Stax records mentoring and passing on their musical magic to artists of today.

The story of the American music dy- nasty, the Carters and Cashes, and their decades-long influence on popular music. A lonely Japanese woman abandons her structured life in Tokyo to seek a satchel of money rumored to be hidden in the Minnesota wilderness. A story centered on two vampires who have been in love for centuries. Coming soon Summer Picking up from right where the first film ends, The Raid 2 follows Rama as he goes undercover and infiltrates the ranks of a ruthless Jakarta crime syndicate in order to protect his family and uncover the corruption in the police force.

Shot over five years, the documentary follows the unlikely team that took the first federal marriage equality lawsuit to the U. Supreme Court. Johnny Depp pays a call on his friend and hero Ralph Steadman and we take off on a high-spirited, raging and kaleidoscopic journey discovering the life and works of one of the most dis- tinctive radical artists of the last 50 years.

Documentary about the programming prodigy and information activist, from the development of RSS and Reddit to his ground- breaking work in political organizing and the tragic taking of his own life at the age of In the s Dock Ellis pitched a no-hitter on LSD and courted conflict and contro- versy, but his latter years were spent helping others recover from addiction.

A surprising story of a life in and out of the spotlight. See guestpass. We've increased the bicycle park- ing capacity. Don't forget to bring a lock. Catch the Capital Metro bus to the front gate of Butler Park. Visit capmetro. Capital Metro routes 1, 3 and 7 stop within walking distance of Butler Park. Visit www.

Park- ing options close to Butler Park fill up fast. Rates vary. ADA parking is available in the Palmer garage. Personal umbrellas, under 17" in diameter, are allowed. Food and beverage items made only for consumption by children under 5 years of age. Guide animals and wheelchairs are permitted.

Outgoing mail buried the lobby, work- ers occupying every nook in a honeycomb of cubicles emailed feverishly, and the front desk phones rang off the hook. All of Austin music must feel the same way right about now: Just get us through the next 10 days. Upstairs, SXSW Music boss James Minor pled the fifth about the keynote speaker, but rumor has it that an announcement may come down Friday, so stayed tuned to our website.

Otherwise, Festival blasts have been free-flowing all week. Running Friday through Tuesday, SXSW Interactive includes an appearance by Neil Young, though the legendary rocker will only be singing the praises of his new listening technolo- gy Pono.

The free, public event begins Wednesday, 2pm, at the Hilton and runs 24 hours. Tune in at www. GMC Vol. Inside, rising like corn- stalks among the music racks, Austinites. Every size, shape, age, race, class.

All of them waiting. At half past the appointed hour, someone finally got onstage to quell the unconcerned assemblage. Store owner John Kunz? Fair enough. Two weeks of Free Week - South by Southwest for and by the homies - had finally petered out over the weekend. Pant, pant. For the congregation, the best years of our lives in song: desire, heartbreak, mem- ory.

To the preacher, affirmation, love. Perhaps we owe Lucinda Williams an apol- ogy. We are not worthy. We took money and time off, packed together our adulation, yet our musical town hall also dragged along expectation, wish fulfillment. Where do we get off? Muhammed brought the mountain, we took smartphones. Those songs are bare and bold, far bigger than 5pm sharp, and time- less. Passed down. I had no official title but did lots of whatever needed to wrangle musicians, which kept me busy all evening.

Nothing will ever top that. My fault. Three distinct generations of music right there. When the music started, we looked at each other, held our hands out in front of us, flopped our wrists like bunny paws, and hopped around with joy. In public. If anything, Moser booked her swan song specifically.

Texan pio- neers who died for the cause: music. Blues, country, Tex-Mex, conjunto. Margaret Moser. Sarah Jarosz? Grammy recognition for both this year. And look out, because as the song goes, here comes tomorrow: the Youngbloods Choir. Talk about chip- off-the-old-block torque.

Worlds collided, atoms split. That same siege saw grinning Austin son Elias Haslanger raise his tenor sax in cuing the better part of his Church on Monday band-cum-service Monday nights f-r-e-e in the Continental Club gallery : organ grinder Dr. Standing ovation, yo. One can only hope.

And Francis Preve? Three words: EDM. Electronic Dance Music. Seeing Bernie Worrell squire the Peterson Brothers around backstage last year was a trip. Watching Gary Clark Jr. Then we stapled them, but they came loose. So we ended up duct-taping him into his pants.

Bless you, Margaret Moser. With this album, which also showcases a suite drawn from Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwoods soundtrack for There Will Be Blood, Bryce Dessner and Jonny Greenwood open up a new frontier for symphonic music. Bach, austinchronicle. Aventine, her sopho- more album, is an elegant, orchestral work completely written, recorded, and produced by Obel. Manchester quartet Pins has made the European circuit as well, releasing material on its own label Haus of PINS and officially signing with Bella Union after releasing a glittery vinyl inch, perfect format for its scuzzed-up glam rock.

Look out, Gary Clark Jr. At once grounded and celestial, the five friends cultivate soul-bearing lyrics, spacey riffs, and hypnotizing percussion. Their whimsical, psych-pop upholds those traditions nicely. Since the for- eign-language dance craze hit our shores harder than a musical tsunami, it stands to rea- son that some of the biggest stars from the Korean peninsula are playing a tiny club at SXSW on Tuesday.

Jambinai, the first band on, are a bizarre, Mogwai-esque drone rock band, equipped with chugging bass and some truly quea- sy violin screeches. Onstage, the pair channels the same unpretentious charm and easygoing rapport that makes the album such a gem.

The Austin trio rode last album Phantoms for tour stops, and true to form, they hit the road starting with the West Coast next week. His powerful voice aims for the stars but wafts down to us folks below with emotional resonance. Pick through our handicapping, however, and an international vein pops out beyond showcases for Chile, Korea, and the Netherlands.

Okay, throw Oklahoma in there, as well. UK buzz acts Syd ArthurAussie breakouts the Preaturesand Istanbul rockers Gripin try to elbow out some room alongside more traditional stateside acts like L. Only by get- ting out the rock will your voice be heard. The retreading empha- sized just how far forward the local quartet has pushed, their anthemic indie pop tightly con- trolled but eruptive with unsettled edges. They began in the studio for Belong' s much anticipated follow-up. Her live show is typically stripped and simple, with little more needed than Cook and her guitar.

Their EF? Joseph Street, at the water tower with the cannon on it. Compared to our last sale: Calves and yearlings sold. Packer cows sold steady. Stocker-feeder steers: Medium and large frame No. Stocker-feeder heifers: Medium and large frame No. Thank you for your business!

View our sale live at cattleusa. State Comptroller Susan Combs this week released figures charting local cities share of state sales tax revenues for January, and all four municipal governments in Gonzales County saw increases of better than 35 percent over numbers indicative of strong sales during the Christmas season.

The January figures represent sales from December. Leading the way was the City of Smiley, where the impact of a local-option liquor-sales election last fall continues to be felt. December sales were also strong in Gonzales, Nixon and Waelder.

For the year, Gonzales revenues to date are 44 percent over figures. While Gonzales County led the region, however, several other municipalities also had strong holiday seasons. The February allocation. For the year, the citys receipts are up more than 40 percent. In Lavaca County, all four municipal governments will also see increases in Febuary. Yoakum also saw a modest increase of 6. Sales tax revenue continues to grow in almost all major economic categories and revenue has now increased for 22 consecutive months, Combs said.

The recent monthly increase was led by the oil and natural gas-related sectors. Restaurants and services sectors also showed significant gains. For details of February. The Nixon Livestock Commission Inc. The Hallettsville Livestock Commission Co.

The market continues strong with calves and yearlings steady to higher on all classes. Cuero Livestock Market Report on February 10,had head. Had 54 cows and 11 bulls. Bulls were steady. Calves were. Packer Bulls: Hvy. The calf market was very active. Higher on the choice. Texas again leads states in exports able regulations and fair courts that attract and keep newseditor gonzalescannon. Texas top exporting in Co. Road dustries in were peGonzales, TX troleum and coal products, Phone: chemicals, computer and electronic products, non.

The new 51, sq. This store is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the Gonzales community. The new store will offer customers expanded departments never before seen in this community. A few highlights of the store include: Unparalleled Produce Department showcasing hundreds of varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables. An expanded Seafood Department with a greater variety of frozen fish.

We offer full service cut to your specifications for your special occasions. Full-service Deli featuring premium meats and cheeses sliced to. Hot Rotisserie Chickens will be roasted fresh several times daily, along with daily offerings of take and bake fresh pizzas.

Bakery complete with a full assortment of scratch made breads. Fresh pies, muffins and fully decorated cakes are available to customers daily as well as flour tortillas. Pharmacy dedicated to providing superior service for all your prescription needs with expert consultations and savings via our Platinum Rewards program.

A convenient driveup window provides easy customer access. A Texas Front Porch area with dcor items, potting soil and ceramics. Brand new Fuel Station offering lower than low fuel prices on all grades of gasoline, diesel and the option of Additech to help keep your fuel system clean. Committed to the environment and green business practices, H-E-B designed the new store with numerous innovative and sustainable elements.

The store will feature highly reflective roofing, which keeps from heating up the building and therefore saves energy to cool the building interior; water efficiency features and equipment inside the store; and energy efficient features including computer automated air conditioning and heating, administrative area light fixtures, and energy-saving Night Blind roll down thermal shades on open front refrigerated display cases, reducing the energy use.

The store will also feature natural skylights. The lights in the store will dim or brighten, adjusting to the density of the natural sun light. Bill Tate, a year H-E-B partner, will be the stores unit director.

The store will be staffed with an estimated knowledgeable partners that will make the shopping experience an outstanding one for customers.

The new Gonzales H-E-B will have an expanded assortment throughout the store while offering the same low prices the community has come to expect from H-E-B, Tate said.

Our goal is to provide the best customer service, lowest possible prices and largest variety of products, including products from local vendors such as J Bar, Adams Spices, Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farms, Shiner Beer and Buddys Chicken.

H-E-Bs commitment and involvement in the communities it serves has been recognized as an important part of the way the company does business.

H-E-Bs Spirit of Giving and commitment to community service is at the core of its mission, annually contributing more than five percent of gross pre-tax earnings to community initiatives and charities across Texas. H-E-B is committed to making a lasting and powerful impact in this community, and you will see evidence of this commitment in many ways as we continue to deepen our roots in Gonzales, Tate said.

For a full decade now, Texas has been the nations epicenter for international trade thanks to the continued strength of our state economy and the opportunities created by our business climate, Gov. Perry said. We remain committed to the bedrock conservative values of low taxes, reason. Box Gonzales, TX webitcastliv w cattle ww.

Additionally, Texas won Site Selection Magazines Governors Cup for the most new and expanded corporate facilities announced over the year. According to USA Today, Texas has moved past New York as the nations second largest economy, and the Wall Street Journal has credited the states low taxes and employer-friendly environment with helping make Texas the job creation capital of the nation.

Additionally, Texas consistently ranks among the top states for Fortune headquarters. A brigade of company employees were on hand to answer questions about all aspects of the oil and gas business, especially those related to the Eagle Ford Shale -- from details.

Also out in force were representatives of Gonzales-based McLeroy Land Group, which represents Marthons interests in a number of area projects. Wynn, A Acres: Humphrey, A Acres: 1, USA Inc. Gates, A Direction and Miles: 9.

McCoy, A Direction and Miles: 9. McCoy, A Direction and Miles: Hill, A Direction and Miles: Bateman, A-1 Direction and Miles: Bateman, A-1 Direction and Miles: 5. Lease Name: Bruns 01 Well No. Gonzales, A Acres: Lease Name: Wild 01 Well No. Lockhart, A Acres: Lytte, A Acres: Lease Name: Garvel 01 Well No. George, A Direction and Miles: 4. Ross, A Direction and Miles: 3. McCoy Jr. Anything inside the property lines on state highways is the scene for Texas Highway Patrol, said Schmidt.

Theyre ultimately responsible. They made the call for the evacuation, they made the call to cut the power, they pretty much controlled the scene. Schmidt added that while DPS was the controlling entity on scene, it took a collaborative effort to contain and eventually clear the incident.

It was a tag team effort pretty much throughout the day, he said. It was everybody together trying to come up with the best plan of attack. Early speculation was that the truck had actually overturned, but Schmidt said that proved not to be the case.

The truck didnt look like it ever went completely over because it was still sitting on its tires, he said. Apparently when it went into the embankment, it put it in such a bind that it broke the fifth wheel on the trailer. The trailer then flipped at least one complete turn. It was the tossing of the trailer that caused the situation to call for the electricity to be turned off.

There was a pole there and when that trailer rolled, it sheared that pole off, Schmidt said. It came unhooked from the primary, but the primary was intact. It looked like it was probably still good, but there was a secondary line that came off of that and it went up FM All of that was beyond repair.

Trooper Brothers went to get the vehicle information and he smelled propane. At that point, we knew we potentially had a leak. The evacuation area started at feet but was eventually expanded to a halfmile. After everyone had been cleared, the officials re-assessed the tank and found a small seep. Even though the threat of explosion had all but passed at that time, they chose to keep the road closed.

We could have probably let the homeowners back in at that time, but we still had to move that tank, said Schmidt. We already had a safe scene so it didnt make sense to let people back in when we knew we might have to go through it the evacuation again. Same thing with the power. We could have turned it back on briefly but nobody was hurt and the scene was safe, so why jeopardize that for a little bit of comfort.

The highway from FM to FM remained closed pending the arrival of a HazMat team, who was dispatched by the transport company who owned the truck. The companys main office is in Piedras Negras, Coahuila in Mexico, which means it took several hours for them to make it here.

TCEQ Texas Commission on Environmental Quality rules say that we have to give the company an opportunity to get their product and provide their clean-up folks, if its not an emergency situation, Harless explained. The problem is there is no specific time that we have to give them. The HazMat team didnt reach Gonzales until nearly 4 a. Saturday because they got delayed at the border, which held them up for almost 10 hours. In the meantime, the county was forbid.

There are several HazMats around in San Antonio, Austin and Houston, but the first question would have been who are we billing? Obviously the Gonzales Fire Department doesnt have money for a HazMat team and neither does the county. If Keith or I would have made the decision for the judge to call a local asset, the county would have gotten the bill, said Harless.

Were talking thousands and thousands of dollars at the taxpayers expense. Once the off-loading of the tanks contents began, it took about 90 minutes to get the scene cleared. We were able to drag that trailer from its position over to the road and then we were able to get about 18 percent off of the tank, Schmidt said. That made it light enough where we could right the tanker.

We had the tank off-loaded ready to go town, we had the truck going to Mexico and at about the same time, GVEC were starting to bring the power up. The highway was officially re-opened around 6 a. Because it is so rare to see propane tankers of that size come through the area, the county is not accustomed to dealing with such events.

Schmidt said it was good to know the procedures they followed were effective. This was done pretty much by the book, he said. I wish that we could have done something else to make it less inconveniencebut it was done by the book. Despite the way it was executed, Judge Bird said there is one thing about the process he plans on addressing. We may have to put in some triggers time-wise to speed things up, he said. At some point, we need to be able to say to these companies Hey, youre times up.

Were going to take care of this and your insurance companys going to be getting a bill. To effect the evacuation, the county utilized its Reverse system to notify affected residents. Bird thought that worked well, but admitted it could also use some tweaking. As far as notification, I think well get better at that, he said. Weve already talked to the radio station about some things and were going to gear Jimmy up so he can post from the site on our Facebook page and website.

As of press time, the Cannon was unable to acquire an official report on the accident from DPS. However, the other driver involved in the incident gave us his side of what happened in an telephone interview. I was coming from Circle G and had put on my turn signal to turn onto FM when I heard him coming from behind me, so I went straight, said Robert Ramirez of Moulton.

His trailer caught the side of my truck and put me in a ditch. His trailer turned over and his cab went into the embankment. Ramirez said the driver of another wheeler, which arrived on the scene to help, told him it appeared the tractortrailer rig may have been trying to pass Ramirez and been surprised when he began a left turn.

Officials at the scene reported the driver of the propane truck spoke little English. Fifth-graders highlight N-S school board meeting parking. I know some people have been very critical and said it was poor planning, but it wasnt. It was fiscally smart. You dont spend another quarter of a million dollars for something youre only going to need 10 nights a year.

Booth said there are a few growing pains concerning the new facility that are being worked out like the quality of the sound system. Its a really good system but we were told that we dont have the right speakers, she said. A sound expert will be coming in to listen to it. We know a gym is not a good place for sound because of the acoustics. But we need to have this because we use it for things like graduation in case of inclement weather.

The board also received a report on the districts attendance. The average daily attendance ADA for January was up at all three campuses. Booth particularly praised the job being done at the elementary level by principal Curtis Wubbena. Curtis has really been on this, she said. He has his teachers doing attendance logs. They call every parent of every child who is absent.

What were finding out is a lot of parents just flat dont understand how important school is. They dont understand if you have a medical appointment, you dont have to be out all day. The board also set May 12 as the date for the school board election. There are two Nixon positions open - Place 2 and Place 3. Both of the incumbents, Bud Box and Richard Lott, have already filed to run again for another three-year term.

Early voting by personal appearance will be conducted each weekday at the School Administration Building, located at Rancho Road in Nixon, between the hours of a.

Applications for ballot by mail should be mailed to: Cindy Lott, P. BoxRancho Road, Nixon, Texas Applications for ballots by mail must be received no later than the close of business on May 4. In other business, the board: Changed the meeting dates for March, April and July to the third Monday of the month. Adopted a policy on test integrity and test security procedures. The meeting kicked off with an impressive presentation by fifth-graders from Sheri Wuests class.

Seuss Geisel and Sacagawea. Each student recited a brief history of their person while dressed in appropriate costumed garb. Parking at the new gym was addressed when Superintendent Dr. Cathy Booth told the board of the administrations plan to create more room. We decided that instead of building more, we can pave the road from the lot up to the Central Office and use that as overflow.

Legislatures interim committee on natural resources. The priorites specified by Dewhurst include, among a wide range of environmental and resource objectives, studying and recommending ways to combine groundwater conservation districts along major aquifer lines rather than by individual counties, and the eventual elimination of county water districts.

Theyre talking about getting rid of us, Sengelmann said. We dont have the money for lobbyists, so. Consolidation of smaller taxing entities into regional authorities and the eventual transformation of those districts into appointed rather than elected boards is a key tenet of United Nations Agenda The two districts have been wrangling over a number of dual-annexed properties in Caldwell and Gonzales counties, and un.

Directors also approved a change in the rates the district is paying for equipment through the Western Mitigation Fund. Sengelmann told the board there have been several price hikes from suppliers, most notably for the suppliers of solar panels used to power new well pumps.

Manager Charles Windwehen announced that police were conducting an internal investigation in the theft of cash or goods, and that one city employee had been terminated. Police Chief Tim Crow, who was appointed to run the department on an interim basis, said that not all of those terminations may.

I just couldnt pass up doing her photo because I knew that it was the one. I was really surprised, said Lester, the reigning Texas High School Rodeo have resulted from the investigation, how- Association Cowgirl of the ever.

Shes a great artist! Since that time, several aspects of the citys parks and recreation department have been scrutinized, including the city-owned Independence Park Golf Course and the concessions stand at J. Wells Rodeo Arena.

The Gonzales Police Dept. Alan Taylor saying at the time that multiple charges have been recommended, and that the report includes multiple statements and affidavits. Hablamos Espaol! Visit your tax preparer to learn about all filing and product options, including obtaining your refund without a loan and at no additional cost.

The meeting was led by Jim Watts Sr. Watts Jr. Were all here for one thing - to eliminate this dump, Watts Sr. We want to leave here tonight with some kind of game plan. Post Oak Clean Green Inc. The corporation filed its initial application for a landfill permit on Dec. Located in the middle of the 1,acre tract will be the landfill eventually taking up acres. Jorge Ben - Someones Stepping On My Mushrooms (Vinyl) other acres will be used for environmental research and wildlife management, according to Jim Blackwell, an environmental engineer who is project manager for the corporation.

There are several landfills in the Austin and San Antonio areas that are now at capacity and will close in a few short years; thus there is a real need for additional capacity within this area, Blackwell said in a presentation Feb. It just doesnt make good sense to have somebody come in and put a dump site over an aquifer, Bill Jones told the gathering at the Watts Ranch, Patrick Hernandez. He said there are potential sites for landfills not located over aquifers.

Jones said the landfill site is located over the Wilcox Aquifer which is down to Jorge Ben - Someones Stepping On My Mushrooms (Vinyl) in that vicinity. Although often referred to as the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer, there actually are two aquifers - the Carrizo and the Wilcox which generally lies below the Carrizo. Jones also read an email.

Klemt listed several factors to be cited in opposing the application for the landfill. Besides water pollution concerns, the group discussed traffic, noise and road damage concerns. Theyre talking about Austin. Theyre talking about trash coming from every direction, Watts Jr. Theyre going to go out and solicit anywhere they can to make money. While the owners will profit from the landfill, there are costs that will be passed along to taxpayers, he said.

When these roads are damaged, whos going to pay for it? Theyre not going to pay for it, Watts Jr. We need somebody that deals with this, Watts Jr. Its a scary deal, and were as concerned as we can be. Regarding raising funds to pay an attorney and cover other costs such as purchasing signs opposing the landfill, those attending the meeting agreed to sign up with pledges for donations to.

Im hoping well have signs posted all over Guadalupe County, Watts Jr. He also urged the groups members to write letters of opposition to the TCEQ. BoxAustin, TX Gareth Fowler earned the rank of Eagle Scout and a ceremony recognizing his accomplishment was held on Jan.

Gareth began his scouting experience before he moved to Gonzales and chose to continue with Troop He commuted weekly to New Braunfels when studies and sports allowed for 5 years.

Gareths Eagle Project involved building a wheel chair ramp at Disciple Oaks Retreat Center, allowing wheel chair access to the deck overlooking the lake for fishing. Gareth is a Junior at Gonzales High School where he plays football, tennis and track.

He is learning to weld, works as a lifeguard and staff person at the retreat center. He is involved in several church youth groups, FFA, Anchor club and enjoys airsoft games with his friends.

At this point Gareth plans to major in Criminal Justice in college and then pursue a career in fire fighting. Gareth was honored by the presence of Gonzales County Judge David Bird, who came to the ceremony to welcome him into the brotherhood of Eagle Scouts.

He is pictured here with Judge Bird and David Fowler. Courtesy Photo. We have HDs in stock and Ready to work! Costco Member? We have preferred pricing available. Trade In Bonus cash available only on new Avalanche and Silverados and must be a vehicle and newer models. Trade in must be or newer to quality. See store for details. Soechting Motors, Inc. Kingsbury Street, Seguin, TX www. Region them altogether, its just better to regulate them. Escobar presented the council with an ordinance recently passed by the City of Gonzales regarding eight-liners.

Other local cities are just taxing the machines,he said. This is the process that everybody else locally seems to be taking. Its bit restrictive for a town our size.

It would require too much. NIXON The Nixon City Council took a hard look at implementing an ordinance to regulate game rooms and amusement redemption machines during its regular meeting Monday night. City Administrator George Blanche said the issue was placed on the agenda because he was. Lavaca Grand Jury indicts Guadalupe Co.

The first thing we have to determine is whether or not this is even legal, he said. Theres been considerable debate about that, answered Eddie Escobar, the citys attorney. There is so much gray in the law regarding these that instead of outlawing. The council instructed Escobar to draft an ordinance more suitable to Nixon and bring it back for approval at a later date. In a purely ceremonial move, the council chose the Gonzales Inquirer as the citys official newspaper for the next year.

In other business, the council: Called for their municipal. The marker will be placed at the discretion of the Texas Historical Commission. Adopted a resolution authorizing the hiring of Lloyd Gosselink and consultants to represent the City in all matters associated with the Texas Gas Service application. On Aug. Nieto resigned his county position in August while he was under investigation.

According to the Texas DMV records, the violations included failure to maintain complete records, sale or offering to sell motor vehicles without the appropriate license for that type of motor vehicle, and failure to timely transfer title and pay sales tax. The investigation led to him being placed on administrative leave from his role as Moulton Municipal Court Judge. SEGUIN Guadalupe County Judge Mike Wiggins will take a two-week leave of absence to make a decision about his future as the countys chief executive after being arrested last week in College Station on a charge of possession of marijuana.

After a closed-door session that lasted more than an hour Tuesday morning in commissioners court, Wiggins announced that no action would be taken on two other topics dis.

As commissioners court, we do not have the authority to remove an elected official from office in this circumstance, said Kutscher who is the current county judge pro tem who presides in the absence of the county judge.

Kutscher said it is a misconception that commissioners court has such authority. The judge will be taking a two-week absence to make a decision, Kutscher. Mike Wiggins said. He did not elaborate further about the judges pending decision. Register your team today! Chris Rybak Contact Nikki Maxwell at ext. Jorge Ben - Someones Stepping On My Mushrooms (Vinyl) of Worship The Cannon Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe.

First United Methodist St. Life Changing Church of Gonzales 3. BoxLuling Cowboy Church of Gonzales County J. Worship a. Gaspard Leticia M. Making a difference one life at a time since Most insurances accepted, we welcome Medicare - Medicaid. No one is turned away for inability to pay. Hours: Mon. Closed Sat. George Street P. Box Gonzales, Texas Train a child in the way he should go; and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs Email: wayne. Sale every Saturday at 10am St. Peter St. Gonzales, TX Phone: Fax: with live webcast www.

Get ready for Easter Remember to mark on your calendars that every fifth Sunday morning that there is breakfast at the Belmont United Methodist Church right before church around and then the congregation gets to pick the songs that will be sung that Sunday. Easter is coming somewhat in the early part of April this year so remember that we always have the Easter Egg hunt the Saturday in between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Then that the Saturday after Easter is when we have the rummage sale. The Belmont Ladies Club will have their end of the year luncheon on February 28th, the fourth Tuesday of the month. Remember to bring your secret pal gift to reveal who she is. Because of funding issues for the roof and being able to get a grant to fix it, it has been decided to merge with the Belmont United Methodist Church since the Belmont Community Center is owned by the conference. Thus from now on it will be known as the Belmont Community Center and be one group.

We are all getting older and less in number. For the time being the meeting time will remain the same. If you have any questions about this, you can call Shari Lee. There is a benefit tentatively set for the expenses of Amber Robbins on March 24th, and you can call Pam Toland West at for more information.

It did not take but about twenty minutes to actually infuse into Cases body. However, think about the miracle that it is supposed to create in conjunction with the rest of Cases body.

With God on Cases side and these cells building him an immune system, he will be able to virtually lead a normal life as we know it. If you have not seen him, go to Clint Martins Facebook page and look at that precious baby. You know when Jesus walked around on this earth, He sat down and talked to the little children and really rebuked those who wanted to harm them. I guess that is why it is so hard for us to understand why and how some people can harm their children by beating them to death.

We are having a very warm Valentines Day. I think it was just yesterday that we had snow landing on the ground in Del Rio. This could only happen in Texas. Our Courtney is on her way back to Texas from. Contact Dee at State Farm Insurance for tickets. All proceeds benefit our Community Outreach Programs. We wish her Godspeed with her horse and trailer etc.

She is one sweet young lady, and we dont want anything to happen to her. Chocolate covered strawberries seem to be in vogue this year. I hope you got your sweet tooth satisfied one way or the other and had a wonderful Valentines Day. The last news I received was that Odean Gass had been released from the hospital and was doing well. Gloria Gass was in a rehab center and if you went to see her, to please go after 4pm as she was having therapy before that time.

This is at the corner of Huebner and Stoneoak. I will have eaten my tasty heart shaped rib eyed steaks over at the Belmont Social Club by the time you have read this. You see I get a double treat just four days apart because our anniversary is on February 18th.

Stanley and Sandra Froehner also got married on February 18th. I am just going to say that I have been married for more than half of my life. Well I think that the Gandre ladies have wandered back to their respective residences. I hope that means that Ruby Ruth Gandre was able to return to The Heights for more physical therapy after getting over her bout with pneumonia. Now I was told that Aunt Georgie fell and cracked a rib. I hope that she did not hurt anything else.

Aunt Georgie we cannot have you taking tumbles like this. We will just keep on praying for both of you ladies to stay on your feet. Miss Dililah, the brave dear kitty that she is, got spooked yesterday and saw a really bad booger on my bed and decided to attack it and in the process of jumping sky high and attacking it involved my right arm and I got clawed pretty bad.

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Winter Wonderland - Various - Absolute Christmas 2000 (CD), Kolay Değil - Sezen Aksu - Sezence (CD), Symphonic Touge, Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman - Budgie - Budgie (Cassette, Album), Kryminalne Tango - Kapli3 - Orbitowanie Na Fatamorganie (Cassette, Album), Hambone Blues - Various - Alabama Country 1927-1931 (Vinyl, LP), Carnivore - Various - Carnivore / Finally Schranz (File, MP3), To Have And To Hold - Depeche Mode - Music For The Masses (CD, Album), O How I Love Jesus

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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Someone's Stepping On My Mushrooms on Discogs. Label: Young - ,Aavalanche - • Format: Vinyl 7 Patrick Hernandez And Jorge Ben - Someone's Stepping On My Mushrooms (, Vinyl 3/5(2).
  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Someone's Stepping On My Mushrooms on Discogs. Label: Aavalanche - AAV • Format: Vinyl 7 Patrick Hernandez, Jorge Ben - Someone's Stepping On My Mushrooms (, Vinyl) | Discogs3/5(2).
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    Hand numbered CDr version of the album in clamshell packaging with colour vinyl cover. Recorded in Stockholm, processed and mixed at EMS. The album is basically a series of 'shots' with varying focal depths; some tracks are intensely detailed and heavily processed, some are completely raw field recordings.
  4. Review: Tomoki Tamura and Tuccillo first fired up their Doublet collaboration back in , and after a brief hiatus they've reignited the project with another three delicate and dynamic excursions."Chotto Complications" is a crafty construction that works around an electro framework, with intricate beat programming and nimble synth lines anchored by fulsome chord .
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