Doubt - Vennart - The Demon Joke (Vinyl, LP, Album, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Gareth Fraser. Editor of Musicscramble. Obsessed with music from a young age leading to over gigs under his belt with little sign of slowing down. A serious record collecting habit and a love of concert photography. Latest posts by Gareth Fraser see all. Like this: Like Loading How could they forget him? The Byrds were way out in front. In Mr. First group to transition from Folk Rock to Psychedelic Rock.

Great job. Impossible task, of course. And it should be number one and revolver number two. That album is far FAR more psychedelic than many of the albums on this list. Brian Wilson going on a total spacial trip and exploring layers of sounds, thereby leading to inspiring some of the biggest albums and artists listed here!

Too bad SMiLE was not released when it should have been too. Not only would the ultimate psychedelic single, Good Vibrations, have been on it, but the rest of it would have been mind exploration to the ultimate degree. Any Donovan album from the s. His Greatest Hits album is an excellent collection of psychedelia.

Lovecraft II is far more psychedelic than their debut album. Some good choices here. Yes — tales from topographic Ocean? Of course it is a difficult job to just put 25, especially 25 albums that everyone would agree on. InnerSpeaker and Lonerism are incredible works of psychedelic music and Currents I think is incredible and unique; Kevin is more than willing to explore and experiment with his style, like truly great artists often do. He composes nearly all the songs, for all the instruments, and records, produces, and mixes them, Nearly all by himself!

Seeing him receive the appreciation, credit and love that he deserves makes me very happy. Again, thank you to everyone that contributed! So glad to have this resource, truly. What about Orzic Tentacles? In my opinion, one of the most influential psychedelic bands from post era. This is your list. Just to name a few…. Agree with so many of the additional recommendations for this list. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club LP. Psychedelic music is a broad category. I see English and American genres, I see progressive, and even power pop in these lists.

I thought the beatles went psych with Sgt Peppers and Mystery Tour is more of the same. Chambers group is a southern gospel group with one of the greatest psych songs of all time. I love the small faces but Itchycoo Park Doubt - Vennart - The Demon Joke (Vinyl there best psych song. To me the greatest psych songs are Piper at the Gates of dawn the long instrumentals and keyboard driven Arthur Brown. Produced by Dave Mason of Traffic. It was a totally psychedelic album.

Please remove artists like Tame Impala, this looks like a publicity for them; they nothing to do with the list, not in generation, neither in quality. Innerspeaker is nothing but quality and is better than half of the stuff mentioned. Currents though is not psychedelic. Tim Blake New Jerusalem The late guitarist.

Christian Boule. Photo Music Sundial,Porcupine Tree. Psychedelic Music is in the eye, or the mind, of the beholder. Pink Floyd, Hendrix and Country Joe would all be on my list. To name a few…. I suppose you should have been there to qualify in making the list: Some of your selections were correct, but some were obscure and others are in a different category. Yours is a great list. I tend to agree that it is far more connected to what they are talking about than any on this list. Glad to see Umma on the page at least.

Same year. Arthur Brown was out therea Mermaid I should turn to beElectric Lady Land, started a triptook you thereand returned you for a nice soft landing. Nice call with the Fraternal Order of the All. Always thought Andrew Gold should have made a second album under that name. This is an obscure one from norway. As it was reviewed in Record Collector shifting from the gentle territory mapped out by Broadcast or Stereolab to exotica and more guitar based nu-psych. Not everything works, but they definitely have a psychedelic mind-set.

Blows Against LP Empire! So psychedelic has to be from the 60s I see. Sorry but some of these are pretty lame. I guess my idea of psychedelic music is vastly different than yours.

While I agree on some of the bands, not really the album choices. Zappa of course. Zappa of course and the long songs on Electric Ladyland by Jimi H. Why do people always feel obliged to include at least one Beatles album in the top-5 of whatever-greatest list? Both Sgt. Good list but I would like to add some obscure masterpieces.

Most of these you can find on Youtube. Their music is FROM fairyland. Very atmospheric. They improved with each release. Difficult to find but posted on Youtube. Did one spectacular album that was an anthem on underground stations. It actually fits a bit more under early pioneering progressive rock.

Members of Yes admitted Touch as a major influence. A tongue-in-cheek concept album on Heaven and Hell. Some of their music can be considered more world music, devotional, or mystical but some is quite psychedelic, Doubt - Vennart - The Demon Joke (Vinyl, all beautiful.

The Zombies- Odyssey and Oracle is really an inexcusable omission on this list. It certainly has to be one of the top I think it qualifies above more than a couple on this list. No Incredible String Band? Fun list and great comments. Just have to say, however, that the list gets one critical thing right: Revolver is a more important psychedelic album than Sgt.

Revolver came out inbefore psychedelia had been mainstreamed into the pop culture. There were innovations in each of these songs that inspired and re-appeared in later psychedelic music. Revolver was the psychedelic vanguard! The list could go on and on, but that the point. He was truly revolutionary; his history is a fascinating read. You missed Twink Think Pink album…classic Psych ! Also the David. Not the greatest list. I am so glad I found this discussion as I love psychedelic music.

I sure have a lot of listening to do now. So, thanks for that. So I lived psychedelia. Fantasy US Version. It has a very trippy mood throughout it. Chris Wood, Traffic, plays on it too.

All of those belong on the list. As I was scrolling down the list I was thinking that the Zombies and Love belonged on the list. Turns out both were in the Top 10…. I have a number of the other albums on the list so can argue with them either. Tip of the hat to Clyde Clifford. I know taste is subjective and there is no right or wrong, but still this list is so flawed. A few of these selections are spot on, but most are absolute garbage and not at all psychedelic, like Cinema Olympia, to name one of the worse tracks recommended here.

The most psychedelic song ever recorded is Mind Flowers by Ultimate Spinach. Yes Ultimate Spinach should be on the essential list, it is at once ultimately psychedelic, cringing lyrically and sonicly mind bending, and A movie and sub B movie all at the same time, Cosmic Man! Gilded lamp of the Cosmos 2.

Visions of Your Reality 3. Jazz Thing 4. Mind Flowers Side B 1. Suite: Genesis of Beauty in four parts 3. Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse 4. Fragmentary March of Green. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Search uDiscover Music. Features Latest News. Share Tweet. Format: UK English. Steve Brassington July 30, at am.

Steve, very nearly made our list…a classic indeed. Gary December 28, at am. Mike Murray December 30, at pm. Olias of Sunhillow, Jon Anderson. Properly psychedelic, not just the artwork. Bob Parsons January 13, at pm. Heronimus Fin — Bloodguilt…psych heaven. Dan April 25, at pm. Tom April 15, at pm. Mike Barnard July 30, at pm. Caravan definitely and what about Frank Zappa? Freak Out!!! Mark Crane July 31, at pm. Jim Bear September 17, at pm. Bear Nichols November 7, at am.

Perfect answer,,I too am 60…Let us pick out the top hits…no mention of canned Heat,CCR or Lou reed…some were great picks but Revolver,,number one…never dropped clearlight thats for damn sure… i. Tman February 5, at pm. Randy September 17, at pm.

Mark, Definitely. Bob K. February 6, at pm. What kind of music was Disraeli Gears them? LArrY April 2, at am. Average bands average albums. Dig deeper for better psych. Eugene Wellborn May 29, at pm. Tony Koorlander August 1, at am. Richard Hugh Peyton November 15, at pm. September 5, at am. Gix October 9, at am. Pet Sound Sgt Peppers Ten years after.

Frank October 6, at pm. Rob Coenen October 9, at pm. Andrew October 11, at am. Or maybe the list just needs to be bigger? Jimmy October 9, at am.

Stuart October 14, at am. Fausto Willer November 4, at pm. Frank Kenneth Engelhardt November 16, at am. Absolutely, awesome album. Another would be Ultimate Spinach by Ultimate Spinach. Rob January 5, at am. Ultimate spinach next to Piper is in my opinion the best psych LP ever. Unclericky February 18, at pm. Eric October 8, at pm. Avi Moore September 6, at pm. George Fazakas October 31, at pm. Shiloh Noone December 28, at pm.

Khomdrom December 29, at am. John McVey June 4, at am. Gerry Henson November 9, at pm. Stephen Stark April 21, at am. David Watts July 30, at am. Mark Pikus July 30, at pm. Lori July 31, at am. Gary August 6, at am. I just saw Bubble Puppy Last Friday night!! Tim November 2, at pm. Stephen Badowski November 4, at pm.

Terry Platt March 1, at pm. Mark T. White July 31, at pm. Warrior on the Edge of Time in particular! Rod Chant November 15, at pm. Gerry Berry February Doubt - Vennart - The Demon Joke (Vinyl, at am. Mic April 26, at pm. Jean Johnson August 2, at pm. Louis, Mo around 73 74, any one else see this concert. Brian Skinner November 1, at pm. Rick Perry September 4, at pm. Hawkwinds self titled album is one of the best ever.

Marcus Askew March 5, at pm. I have their self-titled album, and it was originally released on Liberty Records Jon Vought October 6, at pm. Adork August 3, at am. I agree, Hawkwind should defiantly be on this list……Space Ritual!

Denny August 5, at am. Mike August 17, at pm. Generous Aardvark June 23, at am. And Traffic lsohhboys. White November 4, at pm. Roberto Schunemann July 30, at am. Check a Brazilian band called Os Mutantes. Their first four albums could have made this list. Vicente July 31, at am.

Richard kozlowski July 30, at am. John of VA July 30, at am. Xavier July 30, at pm. Ian July 31, at am. Jay August 3, at am. Tim Smith August 16, at pm. Jazzfool July 30, at pm.

Dewi July 30, at pm. The Bevis Frond deserves at least an honourable mention. Ric August 1, at am. Jim Purdy November 23, at am.

Bevis one of the greatest unsung bands of all I have all 22 cds. TheKunig July 30, at pm. Its not a complete list without — Hapshash and the Coloured Coat. Pat McGroin July 30, at pm.

Firannion October 9, at am. Raksim July 30, at pm. Tiago November 1, at pm. Tuan July 30, at pm. Ed Encelewski July 30, at pm. Matthew July 30, at pm. Gage July 30, at pm. Max November 4, at am. I was just thinking that Gong and probably Steve Hillage should be on that list.

Also Faust. Jan Otto Eriksen June 27, at pm. Isle of everywhere from the You LP. And a lotvfrom Angels egg. Geoffrey Hutson July 30, at pm. Darrell Parks August 2, at pm. Ken Jenkins October 10, at am. Mike July 30, at pm. Brewmanus July 30, at pm. JulianC July 30, at pm. Dylan Morgan July 30, at pm. Without doubt…. Danny Madison July 30, at pm. M October 8, at pm. Robin Crutchfield July 30, at pm. Per Arne Askelien July 31, at pm. Gary November 5, at pm. Brian August 12, at pm. Claus Nannestad July 30, at pm.

Kim Dione August 2, at pm. George July 30, at pm. Bob October 8, at pm. Agree with you George. One of my favorite albums of all time.

Jeff Netman July 30, at pm. Antonio Azevedo July 30, at pm. Strven July 30, at pm. The illusion is my top band of the 60s. They never made it big but are great. Keith Jordan September 15, at am.

Mike Heyd October 11, at pm. Cool band! Joe July 30, at pm. Ng July 30, at pm. Psychedelicpiper July 30, at pm. Robert July 30, at pm. Randy Dethrow July 30, at pm. Slick February 6, at pm.

Jeff Brown July 30, at pm. Mike August 3, at pm. I agree with Meddle, especially Echoes, plus maybe Obscured by Clouds. Shakashuri July 30, at pm. Nick Siegel July 30, at pm. Nick Watt August 1, at pm.

Galad Elflandsson July 30, at pm. Stuart July 30, at pm. And I, too, am a huge Spirit fan. Cathy Boucher July 30, at pm. Joe Duke July 30, at pm. Pete Lyall July 30, at pm. How come no Gong or Steve Hillage, masters of the genre.

Eduardo July 31, at am. And our beloved Gilli Smyth-Space Whisperer. Chromex July 30, at pm. Tetsu Inoue- Inland Try listening while under the influence. Your total forgot: Zodiac, The Cosmic Sound from Keith July 30, at pm. Phish July 30, at pm. John of Asheville July 30, at pm. One album wonder Touch. Robin Trower, Bridge of Sighs. Angelo Furlan July 30, at pm. David July 30, at pm.

Kendon July 30, at pm. David Steele July 30, at pm. Amy Kadori July 30, at pm. Fred July 30, at pm. Nick Garrie July 30, at pm. Huge omission. Michael Nelson December 30, at pm. Graham Syms July 30, at pm.

Paulo Dias July 30, at pm. Cliff Merganz July 30, at pm. James Russell July 30, at pm. Not having at least 2 of the first 5 Hawkwind releases here is ridiculous. July 30, at pm. Thepsych July 30, at pm. Wayne Brittain November 3, at pm. I agree about the Stones album. Probably the worst they ever made. Grant Hamilton July 30, at pm.

Pat tilley August 4, at am. Glad someone has mentioned rotary connection. Deborah OConnor July 30, at pm. JP Peretti July 30, at pm.

Have you never seen Tubular bells cover? Van Halen — the smoking baby? The Beatles — Abbey Road? Rage Against the Machine — the burning monk? No Rolling Stones or Bob Dylan? The Clash — London Calling? Eagles — Hotel California?

Amy Winehouse cover is nothing iconic. Everyone in the comments took this straight up the ass omfg. If you wanna share your own favorite album covers make your own damn list instead of shitting on the opinion of this persons fav album covers.

Surely it is about the quality of the album artwork rather than whichever artist happens to be your flavour of the month. Obviously whoever wrote this article is an absolute moron. There may be 5 that qualify, but the rest should not be in this list.

I love Purple Rain. It is my favorite album of all time, but to choose that album cover art to represent him is a misstep. I think his most iconic album cover is with Lovesexy coming in at a close second.

I absolutely love album cover art. Please check it out below. Many of those included were featured in the article above. Oh…and the Elvis cover too. So…22 ho-hum album covers and 3. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Search uDiscover Music. Features Latest News. Share Tweet. Latterly a yoga teacher, she went on to marry Chris Jagger, whose brother has an interesting tale of his own… Pink Floyd: The Dark Side Of The Moon One of the most iconic album covers of all time, created by one of the most iconic design teams of all time.

Prince: Purple Rain An unavoidable image and album from the mids through the rest of the decade, Purple Rain introduced the world to Prince as an enigmatic presence ready to disappear at will into the night, all Little Richard pompadour and wry smile, as if in on a joke that no one else could ever hope to understand. NWA: Straight Outta Compton From sound to lyrical content and imagery, Straight Outta Compton defined the emerging gangsta rap genre, and its artwork has gone down in history.

Nirvana: Nevermind Is there anything more punk rock then putting male genitalia on the cover of your album? Beck: Odelay Some album covers are meant to convey deeper musical themes and their imagery is meticulously conceived, while others are just happy accidents.

The Roots: Things Fall Apart At the dawn of the Willennium, the majority of hip-hop album covers were not the optimal vehicle for social commentary. Blink Enema Of The State As the face of the pop-punk explosion, Blink knew their audience well and catered to it accordingly with their explicit cover to their hit album Enema Of The State — much to the delight of their prepubescent male fans. Amy Winehouse: Back To Black As an artist whose personal image is inseparable from her music, it was only fitting that the promising young singer should grace her own album cover.

Format: UK English. Stewart Fraser September 10, at pm. Thought Bowies cover Diamond Dogs would have been there. John ireland September 10, at pm. Michael Reiss January 5, at pm. Dawn Davenport September 15, at am.

THE DEMON JOKE by VENNART. This item has now sold out but take a look at what else we have in by Vennart or similar artists. Biffy Clyro. A willingness to tackle intricate time signatures makes this work standout from the crowd. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Superball Music. Vinyl LP £ g vinyl gatefold LP + CD on Superball. cult albums to hear before you die, chosen by your favourite rockstars like Dave Grohl, Bjork and more. The album’s second half is a flawless suite that includes some straight ahead jazz, a heavy riff or two, and a gorgeous pastoral melody toward the end. Must hear: ‘In The Land Of Grey And Pink’. Jun 22,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the g, gatefold Vinyl release of The Demon Joke on Discogs. Label: Superball Music - SBMLP ,Superball Music - • Format: Vinyl LP, Album g, gatefoldCD Album • Country: Europe • Genre: Rock •/5(15). Background. According to the album booklet, Doubt was recorded in seven days in May , but "the mixing took a bit longer". While the album had been finished in the spring of , its release was delayed until the beginning of by the band's label Food Records.. There is a message in the booklet which warns people of "possible damage to musical equipment". May 25,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of The Demon Joke on Discogs. Label: Medium Format - MF • Format: CD Album • Country: UK • Genre: Rock • Vennart - The Demon Joke (, CD) | Discogs/5(5). Aug 15,  · Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment · Vennart The Demon Joke ℗ Superball Music Producer: Not Documented Author, Composer: Mike Vennart Auto-generated by YouTube. An expansive, frequently updated list of upcoming releases in music. Our Upcoming Releases calendar includes upcoming albums, EPs, 7-inches, live albums. Features The 25 Most Iconic Album Covers Of All Time. Truly iconic album covers don’t just define an album, they define an era, a generation and, in some cases, an entire musical genre. Cruising out of the ashes of Oceansize, Mike Vennart delivers several notions of musical vigor, suggesting that his standing in mere post-rock has become a waltz among a crowd of many melodic mannerisms, without polluting the album with fraught lunacy.


Cici Cucù (Polka) - Ensemble Novecento - Il Grillo (CD), Waiting For A Girl Like You - Various - Golden Love Songs Volume 1 - Lady Love (Vinyl, LP), There Is Love And There Is Love - Various - The Don Black Songbook (CD), I Remember - The MOB (18) - Loyalty... (CD, Album), Tabban Lil Malik - Oli Wan Kenobi (Assaig) - Assac! - Gallina Vella Fa Bon Caldo (CD), Mesmerize, Chanson Damour - Ninon Vallin - Chanson Damour / La Sérénata (Shellac), What Presence?! - Orange Juice (3) - The Orange Juice (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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  1. Jun 22,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the g, gatefold Vinyl release of The Demon Joke on Discogs. Label: Superball Music - SBMLP ,Superball Music - • Format: Vinyl LP, Album g, gatefoldCD Album • Country: Europe • Genre: Rock •/5(15).
  2. May 25,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of The Demon Joke on Discogs. Label: Medium Format - MF • Format: CD Album • Country: UK • Genre: Rock • Vennart - The Demon Joke (, CD) | Discogs/5(5).
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    Jun 16,  · Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Vennart - The Demon Joke at Discogs. Complete your Vennart collection/5(36).
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    Jun 22,  · This record is dedicated to the memory of John Vennart, Marjorie Moorhouse and Rik Mayall. ℗&© Century Media Records Ltd., under exclusive license from Superball Music and Mike Vennart Made in Germany Century Media Records Ltd. / Bayham Street / Camden / London NW1 0AG / England/5(2).
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    Special edition gatefold CD; g vinyl LP. Debut solo album from former Oceansize man and Biffy Clyro touring guitarist Mike Durose and Richard Ingram of Oceansize also appear! While on tour with the Biffy, Vennart created first vocal melodies and fragments of songs in hotel rooms around the globe, which at a later stage were transformed by Steve Durose .
  6. Nov 19,  · Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Doubt · Vennart The Demon Joke ℗ Superball Music Producer: Not Documented Author, Composer: Mike Vennart Auto-generated by YouTube.
  7. Vinyl, Double LP, Explicit Lyrics, 22 Jun. ausnahmemusiker mike vennart ist mit the demon joke ein tolles album gelungen war man doch die letzten jahre im bandcamp niveau british theater sparsam erfolgreich und unter den möglichkeiten zurückgeblieben und als tourgitarrist bei biffy clyro musikalisch gewiss unterfordert /5(24).
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    Jun 01,  · Some comments about the debut album "The Demon Joke" from VENNART aka Mike Vennart, ex-Oceansize frontman. I meant to say *Steve* Durose (not Mike!) more details about the album: http.

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