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The package contains also some other features: Encores that capture band's performance on two classic tracks: "Human Nature" and "The Wake". I really love these two shows as they are performed energetically with much more relax mode. It's a wonderful track, composition-wise.

What I also love is the "Orchestral Overview" feature. Wonderful orchestra!!! I love it very much! In any DVD set of rock show I always enjoy the bonus materials that contain documentary part whereby I can see the story behind the stage.

In the "Going Underground" feature the DVD tells the whole concept of Subterranea as well as the making of great and simple IQ logo and its various forms prior to the final one. I enjoy it. It also tells the story about the concert in the perspective of production. It seems like a manufacturing problem here. With this technical problem, I would only give three stars out of five.

If this problem does not exist, it deserves four stars. Keep on proggin'.!! As for the performance, the band seems to be firing on all cylinders and the theatrics really add to the spectacle. As the set opens, Peter Nicholls is on a platform at the back of a stage bathed in a light resembling a street grate as they break into a rumbling version of the title track.

As a whole, the performance is tight and superbly executed and progresses nicely. Subterranea is such a brilliant album to begin with, but to see it live stirs the emotions. The performance of The Narrow Margin is worth it alone. The lights projected onto the screen resemble a swirling vortex with Nicholls planted right in the middle adds to the intensity. And as a personal favorite, it's always a pleasure to watch one of progressive musics most underrated, and that's bassist John Jowitt.

The man plays a flawless bass. The set closes with Nicholls bathed under the light, just as the set opened. The only flub is a string snapping on Holmes' guitar during Human Nature and you could tell that it bothered him to alter the solo. All in all, a memorable performance. Guests include saxophonist Tony Wright and actor Michael O'Hara, who has a brief appearance as a hooded figure.

Subterranea is my favorite IQ disc, so maybe I'm a bit biased in this review. IQ, however, approach their music in a very serious and business-like manner with no screwing around.

It shows on this DVD. A year ago, I found this DVD with a very expensive price. Can you imagine, it's price was Rp I instantly bought it although I knew that it was too expensive and realized that 6 months before I had bought the "Subterranea-The Concert" CD. I could not hide my curious You must be a forum member to post a review, please register here if you are not.

Peter: " I just thought it was an intruiging idea for a story but to put it in a modern setting, to give it more urban environment and make it less progressive rock. So we just developed this idea of him being part of some experiment which kind of brings it in line with modern conspiracy theories, that sort of area of interest, but the focus of it still being this guy's emotions and how he reacts to all these new experiences.

I still think, in a story, the thing you connect with is how the central character reacts to what's going on and what that person's emotions are. Although the story does have a fantasy element it's still the emotional core of it which is the important aspect as far as I'm concerned. I remember when we were writing Infernal Chorus we said it would be great if the song could just stop and he realises he's got a knife or a gun in his hand. It was really good because the stop combined all three aspects: musical, story and visual.

I found the whole writing process very enjoyable and we really were writing as a band. The strength of IQ still comes down to what we all contribute. The following has been pieced together from various interviews and conversations with Peter and Martin. Subterranea is about a Album) who's been the subject of an experiment. He's been held captive, almost like sensory deprivation, throughout his whole life and he doesn't have any contact with the outside world Provider.

At the end of Provider there's this grating sound, which is where he escapes or is let loose. Actually, it's not quite clear of the subject really escapes or is let out on purpose, as part of the experiment. Band members have given various explanations. Martin: "As part of the experiment after all the sensory deprivation, he's let loose in the outside world.

So he goes of into the outside world, all the time being monitored by these people. Let's assume that it was indeed an intentional release. The central character doesn't know why he is imprisoned. He doesn't know why he's released and he is exposed to all this sensory overload, all these sights and sounds and smells and stuff that he's never experienced before.

He has to digest all these things cars, buildings, television, etc in one overwelming sensation Subterranea. After some hard times among homeless and hobo's Sleepless Incidental he gets involved with a religious cult who try to take him in, because they see him as being easy prey.

They try to give his live meaning because he doesn't know what the hell is going on, but he refuses to be converted by them Failsafe. He meets a girl - this is probably 'Maya', who is mentioned several times at the end of the album - and falls in love with her. According to some explanations she is killed by the people who held him prisoner. There's a lot of anger at that point and than he realises that he's being followed.

All the time he's being watched and he manages to get hold of this person. And he kills him, because he's so pissed off, but not before he forces him to reveal the name of the man who is responsible for his misery Mockenrue Infernal Chorus. He just can't handle it all so he retreats into his own mind, which is basically what King of Fools is all about.

Then there's a period of quiet reflection, The Sense in Sanitywhere he tries to work out what's happening, and a big rush back to reality with State of Mine. On the second disc of the album he comes to realise that he's part of some form of experiment. That he's been kept in away for some reason, so he needs to know why that's happened. At a certain point he takes on a 'disguise' to be able to find out what's behind all of this Capricorn. Along the way he also realises that life in the outside world is much harder than his earlier, controlled life Unsolid Ground.

As the story moves on, he realises that he's not the only victim of the experiment Somewhere in Time ; there are others who all carry the same mark, the strange symbol which is a recurring theme on the CD sleeve; the square IQ logo. Noticed the tattoo on the arm of the man on the Sleepless Incidental page? Mockenrue's victims decide to team up and take revenge High Watersbut their captors being rather good at this are too clever for them, they herd them all into an old building and set fire to it in an attempt to destroy the evidence The Narrow Margin.

In a dramatic confrontation he meets the person Album) for locking him away. In the final scene, the central character is the only survivor and he kind of resigns himself to going back into the same isolation where he started, so the whole thing comes full circle.

Whereas the album starts with him being on his own and not knowing why he's there or what's going on. The album ends with him at peace with himself because he's experienced, himself, so many terrible things and he wants to be alone again. So he returns to a place of isolation, which isn't specified. Peter: "The focus of the album is very much the central character's feelings and reactions to all these new experiences. He goes through a whole range of emotions, from confusion and fear through love and anger to eventual acceptance.

One of the things that was designed was a retractable gauze screen. Now IQ is the only band with such a device. The thing basically consisted of a piece of gauze textile attached to an old sewage pipe which was connected to a small motor that could be used to rotate the pipe.

As a result the screen would roll up or down when the motor was turned on. The retractable gauze device played a very important role in the show.

When the stage was unlit the screen functioned as a movie screen and the projector at the mixing desk in the hall could display film footage on it. When lights on the stage are Album) on the screen practically becomes transparent and you could see right through it. Both features can also be combined so that you could see the band play behind the screen while films are projected in front of them. This proved to be a very spooky effect, used during songs like The Narrow Marginbut more about that later.

All in all the device was brilliant in its simplicity and proved to be very effective during the show. At the back of the stage a second white sheet was pulled up. On this one additional films could be projected when the gauze screen had been rolled up.

In front of the screen and just behind Martin's and Paul's instruments an elevated walkway was build which Pete would use quite a lot during the show. Combined the walkway and screen could create some nice effects. For instance, during Sleepless Incidental the metro station picture which can be found in the middle of the CD booklet would be projected on the back screen, turning the walkway into a platform.

Peter: "I'm always slightly reluctant with lyrics and stories with themes and things to explain them in detail. Because I think the most important thing, and the most interesting thing of them is for people to make their own interpretation. Similarly with this show we use a lot of visuals, there's a lot of visual information.

We use slides and projections. And in some ways I think that's slightly limiting because when you listen to an album you have your own visual interpretation of what's going on. You get images in your head, I mean I certainly do, I'm not sure if people listening to the album will do that. So when we present the show on stage and we have images it's not an attempt by us to say this is what's happening, but it is an attempt to say this is what we were thinking about when we wrote the songs.

But now it's up to you to interpret it how you want to interpret it. These machines were able to create light beams and move them around by means of reflection in a rotating mirror. Also, the colour of the light could be changed and the beams could be shaped in various patterns, creating circles, Capricorn - IQ (7) - Subterranea: The Concert (CD, triangles and other figures on the stage. Another nice gadget was the extra microphone and camera in the wing of the stage.

These would be used during King of Fools. Pete's head could be filmed and projected right back on the gauze screen while Martin and Mike would play the keyboard parts of the track, resulting in a huge spooky head floating above the stage.

The show had it's premiere in Bury, where the band played it twice September 5th and 6th to coincide with the release of the album.

During both nights IQ played straight through the entire minute album, non-stop. Before playing the Bury gigs, Peter Nicholls said: "Essentially, we wanted to Capricorn - IQ (7) - Subterranea: The Concert (CD more than 'good evening, this one's from' This is the whole double album performed straight through, with possibly a couple of surprises at the end. Here's an extensive description of the Subterranea show: The sounds of the tuning orchestra filled the venue.

A couple of taps from the conductor and Subterranea hit people right in the face! As the first bombastic notes of Overture were played a tower in the middle of a field was projected on the rolled down gauze screen. Inside the tower a man in white clothes Pete held his head in his hands and rocked to and fro. With fear in his eyes he looked around, opened the door and ran away from the tower.

The up-tempo part of Overture kicked in while he fled away from his confinement, all the time looking back as if someone was following him. Projections on the gauze screen faded. Yellow light on the stage behind it was turned on. Pete, dressed in white clothes, could be seen through the screen, kneeling with a light pattern projected on the screen behind him, which created the effect of a barred window.

The sound of the iron gate opening. He was free. Free to wander off into The gauze screen was rolled up while the band went into the title track. Mike, John, Paul and Martin were all dressed in black clothes with square IQ logos, contrasting the outside world with the innocence of the character Pete was playing.

While he stumbled across the stage footage of the city shot across the back screen. Stunning acting performance; Pete really 'lived' his role. Sleepless Incidental. A metro station was projected on the back screen, turning the walkway into a platform.

Mike's guitar solo. Wonderful patterns were produced by the light projectors. Pete came back on stage wearing a black cloak and round sunglasses, playing the religious leader. When the answer came 'Leave me alone Wooden religious statues and leaded lights were projected on the back screen.

Speak my Name. This wonderful resting point of the album was played in atmospheric lighting. Tunnel Vision. More moving lights. This showed a striking resemblance with a video by one of Pete's favourite vocalists, Tori Amos]. The band's musical style, especially earlier in their career, was reminiscent of Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett era Genesis because of singer Peter Nicholls' vocal and stage-presence similarities to Gabriel and keyboardist Martin Orford's grandiose keyboarding.

However, guitarist Mike Holmes' role was far more assertive in the band, giving them a harder edge musically. After Nicholls' departure, the band's style became increasingly commercial and radio-friendly — albeit without much success — on Nomzamo and Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Beginning with Nicholls's return on 's Everthe band returned to its prog rock roots, with longer tracks featuring intricate arrangements and complex musicianship. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Band formed in Retrieved 7 March Archived from the original on 6 June Retrieved 29 April

Mar 14,  · The DVD was filmed in , something that shows in the image quality. But the sound quality is better than the image. The concert is a big event, with role playing and videos and lights bringing the Subterranea album to life. The musical performance is flawless, and the sound helps bringing the magic to your home theater. May 15,  · Fast forward to , and I've found a whole new appreciation for IQ. How I wish that I'd heard the album before that gig. 'Subterranea' is often referred to as IQ's masterpiece; a huge, epic, conceptual rock opera and a double album to boot. In terms of it's scale and ambition, there's no doubt that it is IQ's biggest, most expansive work/5(57). IQ released SUBTERRANEA: THE CONCERT [CD], in This page contains detailed performer credits and artist credits (line-up and band members), songs and tracks list, reviews, information and album cover graphic picture or DVD cover graphic or picture. IQ - Subterranea: The Concert () [DVDRip] Artist: IQ Country: UK Album: Subterranea: The Concert Genre: Progressive Rock Year Of Release: Quality: DVD Video Video: XviD, x, , 1 Kbps, fps Audio: AC3, Kbps, KHz, 2 ch Size: 1,46 Gb Tracklist: 01 - Overture 02 - Provider 03 - Subterranea 04 - Sleepless. So, I have to admit that before I underestimated "Subterranea", which is undoubtedly the most ambitious and interesting album by IQ. (Until now, I was considering it only the third best album by the band.) So the release of the "Subterranea - The Concert" DVD is the culmination of IQ's twenty-year creation. IQ are a British neo-progressive rock band founded by Mike Holmes and Martin Orford in following the dissolution of their original band The frasvesivimetse.skodarligeburmantpovazmirapabe.cogh the band have never enjoyed major commercial success and had several lineup changes, IQ have built up a loyal following over the years and are still active as of , currently with the original recording lineup (with the . Nov 11,  · From the Subterranea Album. Filmed in Bury, 10th November It was foreseeable. If "Ever" had its edition in video and in CD ("Forever live") it was a moral obligation for IQ to release the story of "Subterranea" in a similar format. Fortunately in this case the buyers have the opportunity to acquire for separate the video and the double CD, something those that are not exaggeratedly fans of the band will appreciate. Subterranea is a double album by British progressive rock band IQ, which was released in (Capricorn). Along the way he also realises that life in the outside world is much harder than his earlier The soundtrack to the film is said to feature songs from the album, with additional material written by IQ specially for this project. I instantly bought it although I knew that it was too expensive and realized that 6 months before I had bought the "Subterranea-The Concert" CD. Why? I could not hide my curious to see IQ's performance. Well, this DVD is based from IQ's double concept album "Subterranea" which was recorded in Holland in


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  1. A complete live performance of 'Subterranea' by IQ recorded at , Tilburg, Holland, on 4th April Filmed live at , Tilburg, Holland on 4th April by Video Line Productions. P Solid Rock Music/Warner Chappel ,/5(3).
  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Subterranea: The Concert on Discogs/5(13).
  3. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about IQ - Subterranea: The Concert at Discogs. Complete your IQ collection/5(25).
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Subterranea on Discogs. Label: Marquee - MAR • Format: 2x, CD Album • Country: Japan • Genre: Rock • Style: Prog Rock IQ - Subterranea (, CD) | Discogs.
  5. It was foreseeable. If "Ever" had its edition in video and in CD ("Forever live") it was a moral obligation for IQ to release the story of "Subterranea" in a similar format. Fortunately in this case the buyers have the opportunity to acquire for separate the video and the double CD, something those that are not exaggeratedly fans of the band will appreciate.
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    Released in September , Subterranea was quickly hailed by most progressive rock critics as a masterpiece and became one of the very few "classic" albums this style brought forth in s. The two-CD, minute concept album is indeed IQ's strongest effort and would even eclipse The Wake, if it weren't for the historical significance of the LP.
  7. Subterranea: The Concert is a music live recording by IQ (Neo-Prog/Progressive Rock) released in on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette. This page includes Subterranea: The Concert's: cover picture, songs / tracks list, members/musicians and line-up, different releases details, free MP3 download (stream), buy online links: amazon, ratings and detailled reviews by our experts, /5(7).
  8. Subterranea is a double album by British progressive rock band IQ, which was released in (Capricorn). Along the way he also realises that life in the outside world is much harder than his earlier The soundtrack to the film is said to feature songs from the album, with additional material written by IQ specially for this project.

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